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I just like movies! Simple as that
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I consider myself an avid movie lover. I love being able to experience the story that a director has panned out...whether that's an action, romance, comedy, animation, and the most awesome Superhero movies these now days! I love it.

This is my first post for, and as it is, this is a list of the top movies I'm looking forward to in 2015! I've never been super critical of movies. I think there's something that can be taken from most all of them, and I'm open, not everyone is the same, and you may disagree with my list. So feel free to comment below and let me know what movie you're looking forward to seeing the most and why!

As I said, I am not super biased, so I don't know a ton about all these movies (give or take a few STAR WARS!) but based on their trailers, and what I've heard of their stories, here's my list!

15. Furious 7

I didn't really start watching these til the 5th movie...but super entertaining! Always defying the use of a car, and by the looks of this trailer, looks like their creativity bag for this series is not near empty. And get to see Paul Walker in one of his last movies! Great actor, gone too soon.

14. Cinderella

I like what Disney has been doing with some of these classic cartoons we grew up with! Maleficent was a pleasant surprise for my wife and I to watch! I'll look to get some good ol' Disney Magic feelings going and enjoy this movie, geared more towards the family/fun fan.

13. Minions

Continuing on the path of family/fun outings to go see, I am excited to see Minions! The success of the first two Despicable Me has indeed included a love for these guys, but can they hold up by themselves in their own movie.

12. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland caught my attention quickly with it's unique trailer! I really don't know much about the story, or what it's going to be about. Bug George Clooney is in it! He's the man, and really this should be an entertaining one for sure.

11. Pan

I had to put this in front of Cinderella and Tomorrowland. Hugh Jackman should be fantastic as Blackbeard. Peter Pan has had so many adaptations in the past, it's something people definitely enjoy watching. My favorite is still Hook, with the late Robin Williams, but it will be interesting to see the take on this new film.

10. The Fantastic Four

The cast of The Fantastic Four
The cast of The Fantastic Four

This movie has been getting some slack since it was announced. Not all the time, I'll say, but it sounds like there are some haters out there. Haters are gonna hate. The superhero franchise is definitely one that has not let me down in the past few years. Even the emergence of The Amazing Spider Man, and X-Men, and all their success...I am certain this will be a good movie!

9. Ant Man

You want big? You want small? No prob..
You want big? You want small? No prob..

Marvel can do no wrong in my opinion. Behind Kevin Feige and the awesome creative minds at Marvel, time after time they have brought me an enjoyable, capturing movie. I'm curious as to where Ant Man's future will be in the Marvel series. This, along with Guardians of the Galaxy are the most recent of original characters...Guardians already has a sequel, but what of Ant Man?? hmmm

8. Pitch Perfect

Aca awesome! As I said above, I'm hardly a critical judge for movies. The first Pitch Perfect was hilarious, great actors! It was Aca Perfect, as they would say...I'm thinking this one will do better than the first too! Who said acapella singing groups weren't great!

7.5 and 7. The Good Dinosaur & Inside Out

I wanted to combine these too! Pixar has very rarely left me unsatisfied with their movies. Inside out looks fantastic. I think it'll be great. I don't know much about The Good Dinosaur, but it's Pixar...come on, we know it'll have some success, if only for the brand of the Studio!

6. Spectre

Bond...James Bond. Better than a cat. 9+ Lives...
Bond...James Bond. Better than a cat. 9+ Lives...

Skyfall was epic, I just have to say! That is definitely my favorite James Bond movie...and trust me, there's a few of them...I'm sure you know. And as it is, Skyfall performed the best out of all of them. Easily broke the record for Box Office hit. I expect this installment to do no less. This will be a big success in the Box Office for 2015.

5. The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials

Heading into my top 5...gotta call these the Fab 5. Extremely looking forward to these last 5, and I could nearly interchange any of them. I never read the Maze Runner, but I watched the movie and got hooked! Had to read the next two books of the series...Scorch Trials...was dang good in my opinion! This movie is going to be good, I just gotta feeling!

4. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2

Peeta! What's wrong with you...ahh!
Peeta! What's wrong with you...ahh!

Mockingjay was my least favorite book, but regardless, I was there for the premiere of Part 1. And, it delivered. The second half of the book was definitely more entertaining, so I think this will deliver! "Are you, are you...coming to the tree?" Go Jeniffer Lawrence that's all I gotta say!

3. Jurassic World

I only put this ahead of Mockingjay because I've been looking forward to this movie for years! Jurassic Park is an insane idea, that of course can only go wrong. What's not to love! Chris Pratt is my man...he's solid, and I think that will only help this series. Jurassic World is gonna be big! Gotta see this one for my birthday, for sure! hah

2. Avengers: Age of Ultron

In honesty I think Avengers 2 will perform better than my number one...and not many people will disagree with me, I will be there opening day to see this Avengers movie. So much hype. So much avenging. So much goodness! I now join the millions of fans who put in their two sense of the joy of the Avengers.

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

How could you not be excited...for this movie! When Disney bought out for Star Wars, and announced they were making more movies, that day I wept inside. With the arrival of this new trailer, and all the good stuff I'm hearing about this movie, I am so dang excited to see this! The best part...bringing back the originals...Luke, Leia, and Han! Woooo!

And there's my list! Feel free to comment below and tell me what you think. May the force be with 2015!


What movie are you looking forward to seeing most?


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