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Disneyland face characters have to put up with a lot of weird stuff. We've heard the horror stories, but the up side to them is the plethora of adorable videos where face characters continue spot-on performances without breaking character - even in the face of major (and often tiny) adversity.

Such is the case with this adorable new video that's been making waves on the internet, where the pompous Gaston from Beauty and the Beast has it out with a precocious little girl named Isabella. After telling her to get into the kitchen, Gaston suffers a choice verbal assault from the vivacious little princess.

You belong in the simpleton barn, Gaston
You belong in the simpleton barn, Gaston

This little girl can throw shade like a pro, and the whole interaction is totally charming. Check it out:

While props go to the Gaston for never breaking character, it's nice to see little girls who aren't shaken by insults from ego-bros. This girl doesn't bat an eye at Gaston!

Not everyone hates Gaston. Last month, the story of 3 year old Lane Rouch melted our hearts; the toddler goes to Disney every month with her mom dressed as several of it's heroes and heroines in order to counter her self-esteem issues. Here's a photo of Lane with our "prosecuted" Gaston!

Yeah, yeah, we're all for adorable stuff here, doesn't Gaston know anything? His place is clearly anywhere that we don't have to listen to him!

Gaston, get back to preschool - where you belong!
Gaston, get back to preschool - where you belong!

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