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Being from Los Angeles and having lived in San Francisco and other parts of the Bay Area, I have managed to survive my fair share of earthquakes. They really aren't as harmful or scary as non-Californians perceive them to be. But at the same time, as history has taught us, all it really takes is a super bad one to completely wreck a city... or a state or country.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stars in [San Andreas 3D](movie:407579), of course named for the San Andreas Fault which is always firmly implanted in the back of the minds of Californians as "that reason we get the earthquakes".

So, let's get into this...

Los Angeles, you're in trouble

The city of Angels... Los Angeles. We get a pretty, iconic view of the smoggy downtown skyline poking out behind the Griffith Observatory. I'm on board.

San Francisco, you too

The Transamerica building and all the beautiful architecture in San Francisco stands no chance against this quake, either. All that beauty is about to be destroyed.

Suddenly, the Rock appears, in...Beverly Hills?

The music is a little formidable. I'm not sure what is going to happen. All I know is that The Rock's sunglasses are dope.

The middle of California looks essentially the same as Kansas

I hate to be nitpicky, but on a trip to SF from LA, taking the 5 seems like a much better, faster route than the 101. However, I reserve judgment because the 101 is a more scenic route and this is a movie, afterall.

One of my worst fears happens to The Rock

We've got an earthquake situation here that breaks the road. I've secretly been afraid of this happening to me for years. True story.

This is definitely not good definitely a broken road. Uh oh.

Say goodbye to skyscrapers

This is kind of reminding me of the movie 2012 where the inside of airplanes and helicopters are the only safe places to be.

The Hollywood sign gets wrecked

If you thought the Hollywood sign wasn't going to get ruined, you were sorely mistaken. There always has to be at least one iconic landmark that gets completely destroyed in every natural disaster movie, you know. It's science.

But the East Coast isn't safe, either?

Whoa, that seems impossible, but I'm not an earthquake expert by any means. The east coast is ALSO in trouble, apparently.

I'll be DAMmed

I'm sorry for the horrible pun, but the Hoover Dam stood no chance here... let's be real. And this "California Dreamin'" song playing hauntingly in the background is giving me the chills.


I'm a big fan of The Rock, and any time the two cities that I've spent most of my life in are essentially falling to pieces, I really have no choice but to watch. What about you?


Is California going to be alright?


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