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Recent rumors have run rampant (like the alliteration there?) as word got out that Commissioner Gordon might be dead before the events of [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870).

I was reading a post written by Point of Geeks about just that. Now, I know what you're thinking: There's no way they'd kill off Gordon. And I agree. He's a great guy. One of my favorite characters. I loved it when Gary Oldman played him and I love him now on the new Gotham played by Ben McKenzie. So... it's a little hard to wrap my brain around it.

Now, before we dive any deeper, I will remind you that this is all just a rumor. There is no confirmation yet to prove or disprove this fact.

I could come up with a list of why DC and Warner Bros. shouldn't do this, but we don't have that much time (or data). So, instead we'll talk about the what ifs.

So, terrifying and heart-wrenching thoughts aside. Let's think about what could happen to Gotham if Gordon did die.

Now, I'm just assuming he was killed at the hands of a villain looking to cut into the heart of Batman, most likely the Joker. If I were Batman, I'd be angry. Yeah, I'd be upset, too. But my anger would get the best of me. And my vow to not kill people might make a slight exception in order to seek revenge.

So, now I'm angry. But guess who else is angry?

Yep. Barbara Gordon, the Commissioner's daughter and Batgirl (or Oracle, however you see her).

Barbara probably was involved in Gordon's work somehow. She definitely knew he worked with Batman and knew how to get a hold of him. And it's Gordon's death that pushes her over the edge and convinces her to become Batgirl.

That doesn't have to happen in Batman vs. Superman, it can happen in subsequent films.

But who will play Barbara?

Good question!

You all remember this gem? When Jena Malone teased this image of her with red hair and everyone jumped to the conclusion that she was to play Carrie Kelly?

If not, what I just told you pretty much sums it up. Okay, not everything... but you can read the rest here. And here. Here could work, too. You get the picture.

At first, I was on the bandwagon enjoying the ride. It made sense. There was logic behind it. Lot of facts to back it up. And wide agreement and consent among fans everywhere. And then I read that Commissioner Gordon will be dead before Batman vs. Superman.

That puts a wrench in the works. I can still see Malone playing Carrie Kelly, but with this new information it makes more sense for her to play Batgirl.

The way I see things panning out, is a distressed Barbara Gordon will go to Batman for help, for mutual grieving over her father's death. Batman will initially turn her away, not wanting to hurt another member of the Gordon family. But will eventually break down from her persistence. She'll become Batgirl, probably at the end of this movie or the next installment in the Batman series.

Throughout Batman vs. Superman, we'll see Batman/Bruce Wayne looking down upon Superman/Clark Kent for his destruction of Metropolis. He'll think poorly of Superman because this destruction must be similar to how Gordon died.

There will be conflict on both sides for Batman. Conflict with Superman under his super alter ego. Conflict with Barbara under Bruce Wayne. And conflict within himself for allowing Gordon to be killed. Or even allowing Superman to cause so much destruction on Metropolis.

It's possible, even, that Batman/Bruce Wayne didn't want to intervene with Superman's battle over Metropolis because he was mourning Gordon's passing.

Those are my thoughts. Let me know yours!


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