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Sooo, I just saw the new Ghostface mask for the first time. And I'm torn, I can't tell if I like it, if I don't, or if I think its just plain weird.

Check it out for yourself.

Wes craven himself posted it online, saying this.

Sneak peek of new Ghost Face Mask! Fun World is introducing it tomorrow at the Halloween Show in NYC.

And so now that I stare more and more at this new 'fleshy' design, I still can't quite make a decision on what I think. It's the same face design and everything, but the color of course is different. It's also said to be able to glow in the dark! So I'm sure that will make for some very creepy moments!

Most people can't stand change, so I'm sure this is gonna enrage some people, but contrary to what I said before, I think I'm starting to like it. I think it will look a lot better once it's out and about during the new television show than it does over that picture.

Wes Craven is obviously pleased with it, so if he is, then I'm right behind him! For now at least.

The brand new television show titled 'Scream' is set for a 2015 release date.


What Do YOU Think Of The New Design?


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