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A new episode of

is available now!

At this point, three episodes of Selfie are online, the first two continued with fun and entertainment the growing relationship about Eliza and Henry.

Episode 8, saw Henry letting it lose in front of his current lady friend, and she didn't dig that very much. Of course, we know Eliza would've have loved this fun side of Henry.

Then, Episode 9 offered a perfect opportunity for Eliza to get serious with Freddy. But as much as she couldn't commit to salmon, she couldn't commit to Freddy, it was just not feeling right.

At the end of that episode Eliza decided that she wanted Henry, she made that very clear, revealing her... feelings in front of the elevator. Henry's face after this revelation was priceless. John Cho sells this character, really!

Now, in episode 10, things took a turn for the worst, at least from my perspective. I wasn't expecting a full-on comedy episode after the revelation that Eliza wanted Henry, but I certainly wasn't expecting this level of drama for Eliza.

However, it was gooooood! Both Karen Gillian and John Cho sold me the rollercoaster of emotions that Eliza and Henry live during the episodes duration, and Oh! Boy! They both can sing.

The center plot of the episode is the upcoming Karaoke party, an annual event that the office hosts where all the peculiar characters sing their favorite tunes.

After Eliza confesses she wants more of Henry, he asks her for some time to think about what he wants. After taking all day to think about him and Eliza, it is Raj from HR who helps him decide the next step. Henry and Raj analyze his relationship with both women in metaphorical song selection, and then, Henry decides to go full in with the "Hollaback Girl" and forget about "Uptown Girl." In his words, he is afraid he's not cut to the task of performing "Hollaback Girl." But he is, he so is.

Meanwhile, Eliza has reaffirmed to Freddy that she is done with their "relish" and oh gosh, the guy is a mess. He cared for this girl, and now she's gone, but before accepting that Eliza is moving on, Freddy has a brief and mind changing conversation with Henry. Oh, the trouble!

Reinforcing Henry's insecurities Freddy explains how he thinks Eliza is running away from him, and then Henry finds a way of rationalizing this into sustaining his fear of being with Eliza. Then when Eliza catches up with him at the Karaoke party he tells her she doesn't really want to be with him, he tells her she is just afraid of commitment with Freddy.

No, no. Big No! Eliza is offended and of course she tells Henry he is a chicken for not wanting to be with her, all while Julia is standing outside Henry's door...

Eliza leaves and after a while Henry goes to find her. She thinks he is there to admit he's in love with her, but instead he says Julia is waiting for him. Thus, throwing Eliza into a spiral of disappointment that starts with her singing "Chandelier" and concludes with her spending the night with Freddy.

Meanwhile, Henry is brokenhearted and alone, sending Julia's call to voicemail and showing he didn't leave with her. Henry ends up singing for the audience consisting of Mr. Saperstein a sad, lovely, romantic song, a song that evokes his feelings for Eliza.

Now what?

Now what!? That's my question!

I guess that now I wait a long week to see what the 11th episode of Selfie has to offer, and remember, maybe we can still save Selfie for another season if we contribute to


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