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I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! Oh my God [The Flash](series:1068303) Mid-Season Finale was definitely amazing to watch, and it finally confirmed what so many people have been speculating: Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash and/or Professor Zoom! As it is clearly seen at the end in the episode: The Man in the Yellow Suit.

There he is!
There he is!

I just knew it! I was hoping he'd be the Reverse-Flash. Just amazing!

In action!
In action!

Let's take a closer look

Alright so now that I've calmed down from my nerdgasm, let's talk. Harrison Wells is clearly from the future, we figured that out in the Pilot episode. But we also realize that he has set everything in motion for Barry to become the Flash. Everything that has happened in Barry's life - from death of his mother to the moment of Barry was struck by lightning - was because of the Wells.

Let me explain a little bit more:

When discussing Harrison Wells, we have to first realize that HE IS NOT Harrison Wells. I believe Wells is actually Eobard Thawne (Reverse-Flash), a brilliant scientist from the 25th century who became a Flash fanatic and set everything in motion for Barry to become the Flash. Eobard is clearly related to Eddie; he didn't kill Eddie Thawne, because if he killed Eddie, then he would cease to exist.

My only question is: How can Wells or Eobard Thawne (I know it's confusing) be at two places at once? Is he that fast? I have no idea, but maybe you guys can tell me. Also, it was pretty cool to see the Flash ring on Wells.

This was just an amazing episode and I can't wait until January to see what happens next. (I'm betting this article is all messed up, but I'm tired and excited at the same time!)

Zoom Zoom.


Are you guys excited to finally see the Reverse-Flash?


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