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It came as no surprise when it was officially announced last week that Ryan Reynolds was getting another chance to play the "Merc with a Mouth". This was a forgone conclusion when the "leaked" test footage was embraced by millions of Deadpoolians across the world. (Yes, I totally need to go copyright that nickname immediately.) It is amazing that a movie that had been kicked around for years, all of sudden was greenlit so quickly after the leak.

When the studio realized that the footage of [Deadpool](movie:38663) going B-A-N-A-N-A-S was so well received, Reynolds became the obvious choice for the role. It also helps that Reynolds has been a self-proclaimed Deadpool fan for years and like everyone else, he wants to get the bad taste out of his mouth for the atrocity that was his portrayal of Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Reynolds' reputation among comic book fans is not that great, considering that he has ruined two extremely popular superhero characters. One could also make a case that he also helped destroy the Blade franchise for his role in Blade: Trinity. Let's face it, no one could have saved that Green Lantern script. True fans were looking to pull a Logan and have their memory wiped of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie (Even the name sucked). Lastly, Blade doesn't need a sidekick, much less two (Even if one of them is the Jessica Biel). This is freaking Blade we are talking about!

Forgettable Wade Wilson and Captain CGI..
Forgettable Wade Wilson and Captain CGI..

With the right director and script, Reynolds can knock this role out of the park. The leaked footage proved that he has the voice, the wit, and enough annoying characteristics to successfully bring Deadpool to life. Hopefully, they will not ruin the movie by making Deadpool look handsome and his mask being conveniently being torn off at the beginning of every fight, so we can see Reynolds' perfect, white teeth.

Maybe Reynolds will take the same stance that Keith Urban did during the Judge Dread remake and insist that the mask remain on, to maintain the true identity of character. If Deadpool's mask is off, he needs to look hideous and cancer ridden.

Merc with No Mouth??!! Shaddup!
Merc with No Mouth??!! Shaddup!

This is yet another reason why this will be a very difficult movie to navigate and why the script must be perfect. The general public that is not familiar with the character, may grow quickly annoyed at some of Wilson's antics if it is overdone. On the other hand, if they move too far away from the roots of the comic, there will be a bunch of ticked off Deadpoolians (Let's make this nickname stick, people!). If they try to make it a traditional movie, it will suck. If they want to build a franchise, give us the movie we really want. Listen to your fans for once, Sony...

What does everyone think? Does Ryan Reynolds have the goods to make Deadpool come to life on the silver screen? Is there another actor that would have been better suited to play Deadpool? Comment below and let your voice be heard!


Will Ryan Reynolds be able to successfully break the fourth wall and bring us the Deadpool movie we all deserve??


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