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United We Stand, Divided We Fall
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Now a lot of you have been thinking who is Reverse-Flash it's actually Harrison Wells and here I thought it was Eddie Thawne.

Now this episode of The Flash has two extra minutes I'm going to tell you what lies in the two extra minutes of The Flash.

Ok so at the end of the episode Harrison Wells goes to his secret room in Star Labs and takes out this what seems like a ring with The Flash's/Reverse Flash's logo on it the lightning bolt using the ring he opens another secret door inside that secret room inside the door you will see the Reverse-Flash's suit and he uses this vibrating object or so put it on the suit and it makes this like sound is either the sound of something vibrating or the sound of that the Reverse-Flash makes and also it glows something red then he starts to vibrate his vocal cords and says merry christmas in the Reverse-Flash's voice.

So that got me thinking if Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash then why is there a man in the yellow suit attacking Harrison Wells is either it's just a hologram projected by the suit while the suit is vibrating to make it seem real or it's just Harrison Wells from the future but why would he beat himself up or is I have another theory though maybe it is Eddie Thawne in the yellow suit just from the future maybe he stole Harrison Wells suit and kills him in the future and then goes back in time to stop kill The Flash but failed because of Firestorm's help yup Firestorm comes to save Barry from getting beat up.

But I really hope it's not Harrison Wells I really think it's Eddie from the future who stole the suit from Harrison Wells and kills him in the future I mean come on you guys said that Harrison Wells is a New God who has knowledge of the future I mean he said it himself Barry Allen must have a future maybe he wants Barry to not vanish in the future and able to defeat Reverse-Flash in the future.

You think???
You think???

Also in the end of the episode there is also a scene in Joe's house where Sisco and Joe talks about The Flash and The Reverse-Flash Sisco said he say something when The Flash and Reverse-Flash were fighting he said the lightning coming out of them RED and YELLOW lightning Barry describe that a blur of RED and YELLOW lightning killed his mother then it hit them.

What if there were two people in Barry's house the night Reverse-Flash killed his mother, maybe it was The Flash and the Reverse-Flash, maybe The Flash went back in time to stop the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother but failed.

But it still bothers me why would Harrison Wells want to kill Barry or maybe kill Barry's mother, so I guess Eddie is our Reverse-Flash. Why would Harrison Wells train Barry so hard just so he could beat him in the future? So I think Eddie must have stolen the Reverse Flash suit from Harrison Wells and kills him in the future.

Why do you think Barry vanished in the future is it because he went back in time to stop the Reverse-Flash from killing his mother but failed and defeated or is it because he vanished just like that?

In case you guys wanna watch The Flash The Man In The Yellow Suit full episode watch it here you can watch nearly every tv show there is Gotham Constantine Flash Arrow


What do you guys think who is our Reverse-Flash?


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