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Taylor Ohl

I made an account just because I saw so many people jumping to conclusions about Dr. Wells just because he had the suit. There were too many huge things tonight that prove he is not the man in yellow or at least not the one everyone believed him to be.

Okay, so hear me out. Most everyone who watched tonight thought the same exact thing as soon as Dr. Wells pulled out that suit. However, Professor Zoom and Reverse Flash have very similar costumes. But that is not my reasoning.

When Dr. Wells pulls out the costume he attaches a metal crab like device to the suit which was sitting idle. However, when its attached after a few seconds the suit starts to vibrate. This leads me to very much believe that Dr. Wells has to charge his suit to be able to have similar powers as

. This would automatically eliminate him as the man in the force field. If he did not have the suit on then he could not use super speed. So Dr. Wells was very much Dr. Wells when he was talking to the Reverse Flash(as he so declared himself) while he was trapped in the force field. Also several other things eliminate him. He could not have possibly been laying inside of Star labs right near Joe and outside fighting Barry at the same time. I understand he would have super speed, but as far as I can tell he wouldn't be able to keep up that amount juice for that long of a period and still fend off Barry.

I am not saying Dr. Wells is not the Villain. Although when he put on that flash insignia ring I was praying that he was Wally West or Bart Allen. However, he is Professor Zoom who needs to wear a suit that holds Barry's Super Speed, rather than actually possessing the ability himself. So he wouldn't have been able to be sitting watching the monitors with the police and Cisco, Caitlin, Eddie and Joe all watching with him and slip out and put on the suit.

So with all this in mind. The real question would be who the Reverse Flash is. The man who was in the force field and put a beating on Barry until some much needed help arrived in Firestorm. I believe that Reverse Flash is from the future as well and is either Eddie Thawne or Eddie Thawne's son because of his need to spare Eddie in the lab.

In conclusion for now, This would mean that the creators already have TWO versions of Barry's arch enemies in the show and most likely they will be fighting to keep each others plans from succeeding. One being Reverse Flash's need for Barry to survive so he can defeat him on a stage of epic proportion causing Dr. Well's newspaper article to come true. Or for Dr. Well's plan to come true which could very well be the death of Reverse Flash so as for Barry to carry on until Dr. Well's plan to take over the world(cause he most likely has something like that) would come into play.

And if the creators of Flash have done this and actually already brought on 2 Reverse Flashes. Then DC needs to cancel the Justice league movie with all this fresh meat and just let Arrow and Flash branch out into new TV shows and take over the world through there.

Let me know in the comments what you think.


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