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Eshan Bhatt

I'm sure you have read this title or something similar to this title several times now. I'm not going to repeat everything you have already read rather just pose a few questions to you. Well here's to all you peeps who thought that he wasn't the Reverse Flash. After watching the mid season finale of the Flash it has been revealed to us that the man in the yellow suit is indeed Harrison Wells. Should I say I told you so?

A lot of things have been answered now that Harrison Wells has been identified as the Reverse Flash. One, he is indeed Eobard Thawne from the 25th Century. Two, he killed Barry's mother. Three, he was not the only one at the murder of Nora Allen. Four, Eddie was not killed because if Eddie was killed Harrison would cease to exist since he is Eddie's descendant.

On the other hand, there are several questions that have arisen from this revealing moment. One, how did Harrison pull off the scene where got beat up by essentially himself? Two, if Harrison was one of the two speedsters at Barry's house the night Barry's mother was killed who was the other as Cisco revealed that there were two? Was it Flash following him back in time to try to stop him but failed? Was it another speedster working with Harrison? Say Hunter Solomon maybe? They have introduced Keystone so it's possible. If there were two at Barry's house the night his mother was killed could that mean that if it was another speedster other than Barry that there really were two people in that force-field that Harrison was getting beat up in? Also if he is so close to Barry, and isn't trying to hurt him, is he trying to make Flash a better future opponent so that his victory may have meaning? Is he trying to make Flash a better hero? So many questions left unanswered so I'm kinda glad that this is the mid season finale because I have a feeling that the CW is going to back off of this topic for a bit to let fans digest and then revisit it in the season finale. Most likely revealing to Barry that the Reverse Flash is Harrison and somehow setting up another villain for season 2. Oh and by the way...I TOLD YOU SO!!!


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