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Warning: Spoilers for PLL S.5 E.13! Don't read until you've seen the Christmas Special.

The Thanksgiving episode left us with a chilling scene of our poor Mona. Mona died and we are unsure of who actually killed her but after todays episode we have a clearer idea of the drama that is going down in Rosewood.

Mona dead in a trunk, Season 5, Episode 12
Mona dead in a trunk, Season 5, Episode 12

Most of the time we never connected with Mona but Mona was the one who got the answers we needed and helped us find A. She was the key to completely putting the pieces together and completing the mystery. But that made her a very big target and got her killed.

In tonight's Christmas episode, we saw some very beautiful women deal with some very big issues. Our girls went into detective mode splitting up into two groups, one following Alison and the other investigating Alison's home.

Girls see Alison and are ready to get into action
Girls see Alison and are ready to get into action

Let's get into a complete breakdown of the important events of tonight's episode:

Hanna got a Present from Mona

At the start of the episode you are introduced to the girls and we see that Spencer is out on bail. They are just strolling around enjoying the limited time they have left with each other. At some point, a lawyer walks up to Hanna and hands her an envelope that has been left by Mona for her.

Hanna is still distraught over the loss of her friend but soon sees that Mona, even from the grave, wants to help as much as possible to end the torture of A. In the envelope is a map to Alison's house, specifically to the hiding places in Alison's house.

In the hiding places there are different pieces of evidence that would reveal many secrets and the story line about Alison. The objects that were found include a passport with the name of Holly Varjak, newspaper clippings, and a letter to Alison from Bethany.

Firstly, Spencer realized that Alison was communicating with someone through the newspaper clippings. Alison could be communicating with A or with Cece. Alison could be potentially communicating someone that is in on the plan.

Hanna finds the passport of Holly Varjak
Hanna finds the passport of Holly Varjak

Secondly, the passport found proves that Alison was either helping someone escape from the country or an escape for Alison when they get closer to the truth. This also relates to the time Alison helped Cece escape the country.

Lastly, the letter to Alison from Bethany prove that Alison new Bethany. The letter also proves that Alison and Bethany were together on the Labour day, the day Bethany died.

'A' was also very close to killing one of our own girls, Hanna. Hanna survived with only a few bruises but 'A' was in the house during the time Spencer and Hanna were in the house. 'A' wants to keep them alive, especially since they had so many opportunities to kill any of the girls.

Spencer hiding from A
Spencer hiding from A

Mona was extremely helpful by providing information and clues to the secrets that Alison is hiding. Eventually the girls will be able to catch up and reveal the complete story. But until than they have to watch their backs because 'A' is always a step ahead.

Cece Drake Returns

In a previous episode, we saw Alison help Cece escape the country to avoid being caught by the police. But in last night's episode we saw a mysterious person in a white robe. The girls had no clue who it could be and didn't find out the entire episode.

We are told that this individual in the robe is Cece Drake. Cece returns and works with Alison. Cece is basically an older sister to Alison, constantly protecting and caring for her. We see that Cece truly thinks highly of Alison and wants to do everything she can to protect her.

Alison waiting to meet Cece
Alison waiting to meet Cece

We are given an idea that Cece killed Mona due to the conversation they had at the Ice Ball. Alison tells Cece about the dream and that she is worried about Mona harming her. Cece confides in her that there is no need to worry about Mona but the other girls (Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna).

This is going to be important in the future because Cece could either be controlling Alison for her benefit or vice versa. The chances are that Cece is controlling Alison and that could be who she is afraid of. They could also be working together.

But since PLL isn't revealing any big story plots but small bread crumbs in each episode, it is difficult to truly predict or connect the points.

Mrs. DiLaurentis Visits, Mona Haunts Alison

Tonight we saw Alison get haunted by her past. Could it be her guilty conscious catching up with her? Alison was continually followed by Mona, which frightens her especially since Mona revealed her future. But also be her poor mother.

Mona Haunting Alison
Mona Haunting Alison

First Mona reveals the first memory were Alison was forced to lie and believe in a lie. She found two presents in the piano and her mother forced her into the lie. This could possible be the start to Alison's lies and how she believes each of them.

Second Mona reveals the funeral home. Her mother comes to visit her in the funeral home and tells her that they are coming for her. This truly puts the fear in Alison and shows her vulnerability. The funeral home was Alison's future, where Mona doesn't tell her when but reveals that it will happen.

This is important because it shows Alison at a vulnerable state of mind. She is going to probably live in fear of the girls or someone else. Could it be A that she is afraid of? Could it be Cece?

The use of Mona visiting Alison was a smart choice by the writers because it created a guilty conscious that will haunt Alison.

There was a lot more to be discussed from the episode, comment below your thoughts!


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