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So we all know the Flash. But on the most recent episode of the Flash, we finally got a good look at the man in the yellow suit. He calls himself the Reverse Flash and he seems to be just that. Yet at the end of the episode we see Dr. Wells in his secret room placing the Tachyon device on the yellow suit. This led me to wonder. Is Dr. Wells from the future?

Dr. Wells? No way.
Dr. Wells? No way.

We see it several times. On the episode "Power Outage," Barry loses his powers and Dr. Wells goes into his secret room several times watching the news in the future. Then in the latest episode, Dr. Wells tells Dr. Tina Mcgee, "The future is in my best interest" when he is trying to get her to give him the tachyon device. Plus, Arrow even said that there was something fishy about this guy. How did he even figure out Arrows identity anyway? He went into the future and saw himself seeing Arrow as Oliver.

When the tachyon device is used as bait for the trap Cisco thinks up, they trap the Reverse Flash in a force-field. Soon enough though, he breaks out and snatches Dr. Wells to beat him up, which automatically threw a wrench in most peoples theories, but if Dr. Wells is from the future, he could have sent himself forward so he would battle himself to seem innocent.

Why is he in the past? I am thinking that he made some kind of mistake with the Flash and is trying to fix it. So he made himself a time machine (the yellow suit) and thought to himself, "just a quick trip back and then I will return." But what he doesn't calculate for is the energy required. So Dr. Wells goes back but when he tries to return to the future, his suit doesn't have enough juice.

What do you think?


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