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Ronell Nellz Rashid

There were rumors going around that Sony and Marvel were in negotiations to try and figure out a deal on how they could incorporate Spider-Man in the MCU and possibly have him appear in the upcoming sequel to CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER(2014), CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR(2016) alongside Black Panther and Iron Man. If you are a huge comic book fan then you already know Spidey's role in the Civil War is a huge one. Though since Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and already have plans for the red and blue clad hero, it looks like Marvel decided to go the route of enlisting a young Black Panther to take the place of Spider-Man's role in the Civil War.

I've heard that if Sony were to allow Marvel the rights back to Spider-Man, they wanted creative control over the hero as well as marketing and distribution. Though I haven't heard anymore about this negotiation other than the fact that in had been broken down since the directors of The Lego Movie(2014) , Chris Miller and Phil Lord have plans for a animated Spider-Man comedy film at the studios.

Now this raises a question in my head.


If Marvel were to get the rights back to Spider-Man. Should they reboot the series AGAIN?. Or pick up at a point where Peter is already established as Spider-Man?



Who should Marvel try and gain the rights back to next?

And with recent news of Marvel gaining the rights back to Daredevil and a upcoming NETFLIX series as well, would you all love to see Daredevil hit the big screen again in due time and join the MCU at some point?.

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