ByMatthew Chapman, writer at
Male. Australian. Nerd. Twitter: shuey1984
Matthew Chapman

Congratulations, Need For Speed! You have officially joined the ranks of my Top 10 Worst Film’s of All Time!

I could have turned this off in just the first 30 minutes but I sat through it and I can tell you, I did NOT get any better.

It’s cliché and predictable. The acting is nothing special, Aaron Paul sounded like he was channeling Christian Bale’s Batman voice.

Apparently these cars are also very hard to destroy, all that they are put through and most of them still look immaculate.

The only highlight of the film, minimal as it is, is Michael Keaton, who seems to just be playing Beetlejuice but without the make-up.

Does this counter does minus!?

Save yourself the time, don’t watch this car wreck!


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