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In recent months I've bared witness to (arguably) the best superhero programming television has to offer. While I do enjoy Marvel's Agents of Shield, (sometimes), I can't help but feel that DC has tipped the scale with Arrow & The Flash. From what I've read on several sites, many of you agree. But there's one thing that's missing that could really make me jump out of my cozy IKEA couch with gitty fan boy glee... an official DC TV network.

Let's look at what DC has given us so far. The CW network just amazed us with a Arrow & The Flash crossover event that led to a big success in ratings. Gotham is Fox's new ratings hero and will certainly be renewed for a second season, (if it hasn't already). I admit Constantine is in serious danger and I for one have not sat down to watch a single episode yet because I was hoping to bend watch one weekend. But the cast is fighting to survive and some fans are joining the battle.

Pretty soon we'll be seeing Supergirl, Teen Titans, iZombie, Preacher, and Krypton gracing the small screen and some live action shorts of Static Shock. The only problem is that none of these shows are part of a combined cinematic universe. This is something we've all been hoping for since the inception of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but DC and WB sold their souls to Fox, Syfy, NBC, CBS, TNT and AMC. WHAT? WHY?

Do they not know how insanely successful their productions would be if they all fell under one roof? Where is the DC TV Network? An online site and app that can play EVERYTHING! People are actually paying 9.99 a month for the WWE Network. Are you serious? Right now I shell out 7.99 a month for Netflix, which is well worth it, so I would easily spend 9.99 a month for a DC TV Network that would play all of these shows. Plus, taking a page from the WWE, Warner Bros. could have 24/7 airplay of their classics... The original Superman & Batman movies, Batman 1960s series, Smallville, The original Flash series, all the animated series, especially the Bruce Timm universe and much much more. Hell, nothing would ever get cancelled and we may even get Young Justice again.

Finally, they could save millions by releasing their Direct to video animations on this network. Think about it, each one of those films have been leaked weeks, sometimes months in advance by online bootleggers. Creating a big sales drop.

DC Animated Universe
DC Animated Universe

I love DC Comics, their heroes and stories. But something is not right in the world of Warner. I hope the powers that be are reading this (highly unlikely), because it's time to step up your game and combine your products. Don't turn into Marvel (who are still fighting to get their A-listers back), take your ball and run with it.


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