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He was the man who first brought Spider-Man to the big screen - directing the first three Spider-movies back in the early to late 2000's - garnering a whole lot of critical and fan acclaim (and a buttload of box office revenue) in the process.

And yet, back in 2010, Sam Raimi walked away from the Spider-Franchise, in a move that was - it seems - motivated not by money, or even by overzealous studio heads - but by Raimi caring so much about the character that he didn't want to do anything less than a fantastic job.

And now, in the midst of one of the worst weeks in Sony's history, Raimi might just be coming back.

Or, at least...

Sony Was in Talks to Bring Raimi Back

Sony recently found itself having issues with...well, having had pretty much all of its personal information, data, internal communications and, presumably, a whole lot else besides, stolen by hackers. From that, we've seen leaked salaries, internal memos criticizing Sony movies, and, excitingly, the prospect of Spider-Man joining the Marvel universe.

What might just be the most intriguing thing of all, though, is this single line that appeared in The Wall Street Journal's initial report on the Sony/Marvel crossover talks:

"Ms. Pascal [Sony's motion picture head honcho] also talked to Sam Raimi, who directed the studio’s first three 'Spider-Man' movies, about returning to the franchise, possibly to direct again or as a producer."

The line has since been removed from the article, for reasons unknown, but has been widely shared across the internet. The bottom line?

Sony Wants to Bring Raimi Back

The only problem? We have no idea how long ago those talks took place, or whether or not Raimi was in any way interested in returning to the franchise.

What it does do, though, is raise an intriguing possibility: we may actually get to see a new Sam Raimi Spider-Man movie.

The question then?

What Would That Movie Be?

Would we see...

The Amazing Spider-Man 3

A continuation of the current Spider-franchise, with Raimi at the helm, and Andrew Garfield continuing on as Spider-Man.


Spider-Man 4

A return to the original trilogy's world, and the conclusion of Raimi's originally planned series - possibly without Garfield.

Well, either would certainly be possible - but there could also be a third way...

The Marvelous Spider-Man

Which obviously wouldn't actually be called that, but would instead see Raimi take over the Spider-franchise at the same time as Sony making a deal with Marvel to co-produce the movie - which we now know they were until recently in talks to do.

That Spider-Man movie could easily take the best elements of both Spider-series' (say, Andrew Garfield, Raimi's sense of the Spider-mythos, and the original series' J. Jonah Jameson and Doc Ock), all the while spinning them into the elaborate, awesome web that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And, it seems to me, there'd be no-one better suited to that particular job than Raimi...

What do you guys think, though?


What Spider-Man movie would you like to see Raimi direct?



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