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Now, fan-made trailers can be kind of a tricky proposition. For every incredible mashup, perfectly capturing the tone of an eagerly anticipated upcoming movie, there's another which just looks a little

After all, it takes a whole lot of time, effort, energy and - most important of all - a deep and far-reaching level of wonderful, funderful geekdom to create a truly awesome fan-made trailer.

This newly released fan-made trailer for Suicide Squad, though?

Well, this bad boy, from Mr 8866, is very much the awesome kind...

I mean - just take a look at the thing - it's...well, just take a look:

That's right, we're talking...

Deadshot, Getting Recruited...

So far, so plausible... Amanda Waller

Again, makes sense...

Before We See Him Suited Up


Along with Captain Boomerang...


...The Enchantress...

Bringing the mysterious.

...Harley Quinn...


And, of course...



Now, all the actual Suicide Squad needs to do? Combine the awesomeness of that trailer with the bad-assery of these fan-made movie posters from Boss Logic, featuring...


Rick Flagg

and Harley Quinn

...and wham, you've got one heck of a Suicide Squad movie...

What do you guys think, though?


Will Suicide Squad be able to match the awesomeness of that fan trailer?



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