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"China has a serial killer problem," says Professor Peng Weimin - a criminologist from Beijing (though he uses a pseudonym to keep his identity a secret). In a dynamite interview with Danwei, Peng reveals the hushed-up cases of serial killers in China - a problem that just keeps growing.

Check out 5 serial killers from China more terrifying than any horror movie...

5. Yang Shubin

Victim Count: Unknown, at least 6

Location: Shenzhen and Zhejiang, apprehended 2011

Chilling Facts: Yang Shubin was head of a gang who would lure women home from nightclubs where they would be tortured and extorted for their bank details. After gaining their money - Yang made over $300,000 from his crimes - the girls would be cut up, boiled and minced in a meat-grinding machine. The resulting paste was dumped in drains and garbage cans.

4. Bai Baoshan

Victim Count: 15

Location: Xinjiang, executed 1998

Chilling Facts: Baoshan had already served 13 years in prison for his first murder before he went on a killing spree the year of his release. He killed 15 people, including a cigarette vendor, police officers, security officials, and one of his accomplices, netting over $180,000 for his crimes.

3. Gong Runbo

Victim Count: 6

Location: Jiamusi, executed 2006

Chilling Facts: Gong raped and murdered 6 children, although police discovered forensic evidence that indicated he may have killed up to 20 victims. Authorities discovered children's clothes and four decomposing bodies in his apartment prior to his arrest.

2. Chen Zhengping

Victim Count: 42

Location: Nanjing, arrested 2002

Chilling Facts: Shopkeeper Chen went to extreme lengths to sabotage a business rival: he poisoned the food the man was selling. 42 people - including many schoolchildren - died horribly in the street outside the popular snack shop, convulsing and bleeding from the eyes and mouth.

1. Huang Yong

Victim Count: 17

Location: Henan, executed 2003

Chilling Facts: Huang raped and strangled at least 17 young boys, but was suspected of more. He was caught when a 16-year-old victim escaped and told the police what Huang had said to him,

I killed at least 25 people. You're number 26.


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