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With all the recent news about revolving around the rumored death of a major Bat-character - before the movie has even begun - it's possible we may all have missed something even bigger.

Specifically, the throwaway line in that same report - from BadassDigest's Devin Faraci - that suggests Batman vs. Superman will be set seventeen years into Bruce Wayne's career as Batman. Which is...actually kind of a big deal.

Now, it could be that this setting is a sign that Warner Bros. and DC feel that the Batman origin story has been told well enough in countless previous movies - and especially The Dark Knight trilogy - and so have chosen to move on, and to tell stories about an older, wiser Batman instead, without bothering to fill in the back-story.

It might also, though, mean something even bigger...

Could Batman Be Recast...Again?

No, sad Batman, no!
No, sad Batman, no!

Now, that's not to suggest that Ben Affleck's role as Batman in Batman vs. Superman, and, later, Justice League, is under threat. After all, Warner Bros. has spent a lot of time and energy convincing us all that he'll make a great Batman, and that's unlikely to be a 'one and done' type deal.

Instead - as Faraci suggests - there could well be a reason that we've not yet had a solo Batman movie announced...

Are We Going to See a Young Batman Movie?

Probably not THAT young...
Probably not THAT young...

Specifically, could we be set to see a movie that fills in the blanks between Batman's origin, which we all pretty much know by heart, and the new set of movies that DC is producing?

One in which we see The Dark Knight fight some of his legendary Rogues Gallery, and explains some of the mysteries and plot complexities that the upcoming Batman vs. Superman seems likely to set up.

It would certainly explain why Warner Bros. has been so reluctant to announce any further Bat-movies - and also, perhaps, why we're seeing Suicide Squad so early in their upcoming slate.

Could We See Batman in Suicide Squad?

Specifically, could Suicide Squad actually be a prequel - one set back in the prime of Batman's career? One which, right at the end, introduces us to a brand new, young Batman - who'll then have his own, Pre-Affleck Bat-franchise.

And Affleck? Well, that'd allow him - the more experienced hand - to oversee the present day rise of the Justice League, and the epic adventures that'll entail, without constant returns to Gotham.

It might be a long shot - but that seventeen year gap might just make it a whole lot more likely...

What do you guys think, though?


Will we see a 'young' Batman movie?

via BadassDigest

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