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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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The Power Rangers hold a special place in our 90s, nostalgic hearts, and these animated shorts inject the show with the extra edginess we're crossing our fingers for in the upcoming movie.

Dedicated fan and badass animator, Mike McCraw has spent hour upon hour making our dreams come true by pitting our favorite mighty morphin' heroes against some seriously souped up villains that we can all recognize.

Because red ranger was my favorite, we'll look at his badassery first in the breakdown and video below:

Make it Rain... Putty!

I always thought that's how slicing a putty should have gone down!

Goldar Gets Menacing

I'm pretty sure Goldar has never done anything this badass in the live action show!

Go, Go Power Rangers!

This is the reason red ranger was always my favorite!

Arial Action

Is there anything more badass than a sword fight in mid air?!

Check out all the awesome action for yourself in the video below:

If the red ranger wasn't your favorite, Mike the Wolf has also animated shorts for all of the other mighty morphin' heroes below:

Blue Ranger

If bookish nerds who are scared of fish, this one is for you!

Yellow Ranger

Those putties are no match for praying mantis kung fu!

Black Ranger

Hip hop kido is where it's at!

Pink Ranger

Admit it, you totally had a crush on her.

Sorry, Green Ranger fans, I don't know what Mike McCraw has against this particular member of the troop, but there is no video for him just yet.


Who was your favorite Power Ranger

(Source: Geeky Tyrant)


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