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The Moviepilot office is often a hotbed of nostalgic tongue wagging, and this morning the Gargoyles just so happened to burst into our morning meeting, and collective imagination.

This beloved Disney cartoon's dark plots and Shakespearean themes have made it stand the test of time incredibly well, and it's easy to understand why there is still a huge adult fan base celebrating the well-rounded characters' badassery.

So, let's take a look at the most kick ass of the bunch!

Realistic Rampage

Image: BeaKirby of DeviantArt

The gang get a particularly menacing make over.

Piercing Eyes

Image: Arashicat of DeviantArt

Goliath and Brooklyn always have their eyes on the prize.

He's Behind You

Image: Alecyl of DeviantArt

Is there really any need to carry a gun when this beast has your back!

Rocking Redesign

Image: Honeyroastedferrets of DeviantArt

It's unclear who these Gargoyles are supposed to be, but it's evidence they totally mean business!

Brooklyn Frights

Image: ImmarArt of DeviantArt

Brooklyn's hot-headed nature shines through in this artful image.

Full Moon Chilling

Image: Eric Canete

Okay, so maybe Bronx isn't at his most kick ass here, but the rest of the clan look suitably menacing!

Long Hair, Don't Care!

Image: Zorm of DeviantArt

There's something a little bit hairy about this violet depiction...

Goliath's Fury

Image: garnabluth of DeviantArt

When you look more menacing than the lightning, you have won at badass. End of.

Devilish Demona

Image: Aimee Major

Those fangs don't lie.

Brooklyn Descends

Image: Charcoal-almighty by DeviantArt

This vintage charcoal look takes Brooklyn back to his ancient Scottish heritage.

The Watchers

Image: Djinn-world of DeviantArt

Elisa is totally winning at the evil eye.

Goliath Rage

Image: ImmarArt of DeviantArt

Hulk, is that you?


Do you remember the Gargoyles?


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