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Even though we're over a year into the current video game console generation - the Playstation 4 and Xbox One both launching last November - I'm yet to be convinced by the increased performance upgrade afforded by the shiny new box sitting under my TV. At least, that was until I saw the remarkably life-like, pixel perfect rendition of everyone's favorite treasure hunter, Nathan Drake!

Developer Naughty Dog has always led the way in the graphical department, pushing each console to its motherboard-melting limits, and they're not letting up on the Playstation 4. Sony recently debuted the first gameplay footage for Uncharted 4, and my oh my does it look impressive.

The souped up version of Nathan Drake is so astoundingly detailed that every pore of sweat, drop of blood, and bristle of beard has been painstakingly rendered!

If you ever doubted the power of the PS4, then check out your new and improved intrepid adventurer...

I had to take a second look at this shot to make sure it wasn't a real picture! You can even make out the individual stitches on his top, giving you an idea of just how obsessive the developers are.

Perfecting the Iconic Half Tuck

Drake's trademark casual style has been maintained - too cool for the full tuck, he opts for the perfect half-way compromise. Look at the barely visible faded blood stain!

Five O'Clock Shadow

These graphics are eye-wateringly good! The tip of his beard is tinged with gray, with the bags under his eyes adding to this new withered look - the adventurer we knew looks like he might be past his prime!

Arm Porn

The staggering attention to detail here is insane, each vein, knuckle and muscle ridge sculpted to perfection.

I can't wait to take control of this walking work of art come next year! The new generation of video games has arrived.


Is Drake a little TOO realistic now?


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