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Are you excited about the new [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158)? Are you eagerly awaiting the last instalment of [The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2](movie:449866)? Whatever your fandom is, you're in the right place. Moviepilot is a community of ultra-passionate fans who create content around the movies they love, and in return are rewarded with awesome opportunities, millions of readers and thousands of like-minded fans to geek out with. Welcome : )

We are ready and waiting with exciting opportunities exclusively for our creators, so if you bring something special to Moviepilot, we might just call you up for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The Moviepilot Creator Experience

WE ARE THE MOVIE REVOLUTION!! We are the underground, the freedom fighters for what's cool and what movies are really about and what should be! Let's display that proudly and stand out: Who are we? We are Moviepilot and united we stand for what's awesome in entertainment!
Ryan Crain: Moviepilot Creator

Being a Creator has never been easier – just head to our editor and do your thing! We encourage you to embrace your inner nerd and dive right in. We'll never judge you for your guilty pleasures; in fact, we'll make you famous by sharing them with the world. Say hello to Maria!

Whether you create a post, a video, fan art, a theory, a quiz, or just a fan-tastic rant, don't hold back your unique voice - this is what makes Moviepilot Creators tick. Nerd out, all day, everyday. Just take yourself to our editor and share with us.

A few things to take note of!

Polls: these are super simple to create and are the best way to get an opinionated audience to share their opinions. We're all about getting people involved, so don't be afraid to get people talking. The more opinionated, the better!


#ForceProblems: who got it right? The fans or J.J Abrams?

Titles: Spend some time on this. Your title is the reason people click on your post. Don't be misleading, but try to create a buzz!

Sourcing: If you find a story or news piece elsewhere, it's super important to re-appropriate it (i.e. summarize in your OWN words) and always provide a link to the original post. You can hyperlink quite easily using the 'safety pin' icon, like so!

Tags: use 3-5 as a general rule. Always tag the movie/TV Show/ type of post (review/ theory/ easter egg/ trailer breakdown/ opinion etc) and anything else that's relevant.

Formatting: Title, image, then text: this format looks slick and clear and it's the best way to break up a post. Always use lots of high-quality images, and preview your post before hitting publish!

Grammar and Spelling: Always worth a double check - if it has a red line underneath it, it's probably not quite right. You don't want an otherwise awesome post to be overlooked because of spelling or grammar mistakes.

For a more detailed post about how to create awesome content, check this out!

Now, go create!

Once you've hit that publish button, we'll do the rest! Your posts will be reviewed and promoted out to different parts of the site. We have over 30 million fans geeking out on the site, so you never know when your big hit might break through!

Welcome to the crew. We can't wait to see what you create.


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