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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Hats off to the Honest Trailer guys and how they always find ways of giving scathingly honest critiques of our favorite and most maligned snippets of pop culture, even the ones they profess to adore!

Take Naughty Dog's 2013's modern day classic, survival horror, tear jerking and utterly gripping The Last Of Us. A game so revered across the board, that it became a staple of many "YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED IT?!" conversations and ritualistic mass gatherings around the TV, trying not to well up at the prologue.

A game so powerful, it took me six months to finish, because I was honestly worried about what could happen to its cast! The Last Of Us finally receives its Honest Trailer. It really is an honor to get one! In a way...

What do you think? Agree with the analysis?

(Source: Honest Game Trailers via Smosh Games)


Was this Honest Trailer wholeheartedly correct?


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