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Yesterday we witnessed the mid-season finale of the popular superhero series- THE FLASH.Well today i am going to mention all those ass-kicking moments of this mind blowing episode.

Although this series is going to take its winter break,it left us with many troubling questions and few Christmas surprises.

This episode gave us a short introduction of Ronnie Raymond(a.k.a FIRESTORM),a structural engineer who worked on the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, and the fiance of Caitlin Snow.HE got all his power due to the explosion in the particle accelerator at S.T.A.R. labs.All of the members(Caitlin,Dr.Wells,Cisco) at S.T.A.R. labs thought that he was evaporated when he was trapped in the particle accelerator,but episode 8 and 9 declared that he is alive and has now turned to 'firestorm'.

When Caitlin meets this Ronnie,he says her that he is not Ronnie but called himself FIRESTORM.

I warned you not to hunt me.
I warned you not to hunt me.

The next part of this thrilling episode was the fight between THE FLASH(Barry Allen) and THE REVERSE FLASH.This time the reverse flash appeared in Central city for a purpose, to get a device made by mercury labs,which would help him to be invisible or make him travel faster than the light that is it could help him to travel through time.

As shown in the first episode,the night at which Barry's mother was murdered,Barry and his father saw red and yellow lightning.So for Barry it is extremely important to bring him down.But Barry,s speed is not as high as the revers flash's.So in the conversation with Dr.Allen, Barry says that,

I'm not the fastest man alive. He is.

In this episode flash and reverse flash fought twice and both the times reverse flash won due to the fact that till now he is faster than the flash.

But the two most important things in this episode are :


In the conversation between Cisco and Joe,Cisco says that,

"I saw something weird tonight.
when The Flash
and the man in yellow
were going full-on bumper cars
on each other,
I was watching the electricity
coming off of them...
yellow and red electricity.
When Barry was a kid,
he said he saw red and yellow
lightning in his house
the night his mother died.
There were two of them.
The man in yellow
may have killed Barry's mother,
There was another speedster

there that night."


the ring
the ring
well.....i knew that
well.....i knew that

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