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With DC finally beginning to get their movie universe off of the ground, or at least out of the hangar, there are many, many things to be excited about. Granted there's a lot more to be worried about, but there's absolutely no fun to be found in talking about, so let's stick with excitement. And to fuel that excitement, here are three villains that whose appearances in Justice League could definitely get me excited.

1) Darkseid

Yeah, he's made of granite, sort of
Yeah, he's made of granite, sort of

PROS: You just can't talk about Justice League villains without mentioning Darkseid. He's the baddest of the bad and steals every show he appears in. He's the leader of an entire planet, he's literally a god, he's a military genius, he fires never-missing omega beams from his eyes and he sets his whole life towards finding the anti-life equation. That is one big bad, and throw in his space tech and you have someone who definitely presents a threat to the Justice League. Not even including his massive-as army at his back.. He presents himself as such a stone-faced (hehe) and uninterested deity that he just emanates threat and danger.

CONS: In my very humble - yet always correct - opinion, the first JL film is too early to bring in Darkseid. I don't think he needs to be handled like Thanos, but he's such an iconic villain that I feel he should be given more breathing space in order to ensure that he isn't ruched into the film and underdeveloped as a result.

2) Braniac


PROS: Braniac is the ultimate genius. He can hack virtually anything, can calculate any solvable problem in the blink of an eye and has the firepower to take on the Man of Steel. A team-up between this guy and Lex Luthor would be a movie I would definitely go and see. It would also make sense as Braniac origin stems from Krypton, meaning that, as only Superman and Wonder Woman will have had solo films by this stage, less ground needs to be covered on the villain and we can spend more time with the league itself. The inclusion of Braniac would also provide a welcome departure from the common 'big bad with army' villain, as he very much relies on his intellect and alien tech rather than brute strength or numbers.

CONS: With Ultron providing the role of he villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron, having Braniac as the villain could look like they're straight up ripping off Marvel. I would retain that the two are completely different, but to the average viewer, it might look like DC is stealing from Marvel. But beyond that very small point, there's very little reason not to include Braniac.

3) Injustice League/Secret Society of Super-Villains

you should definitely be running
you should definitely be running

PROS: If there's a Justice League, it only makes sense that all of the villains would form their own group. Those are actually two different villain teams, but if a movie version were to come around, I'd prefer an amalgamation of the best things about each. Both teams are basically a who's who of DC villains. We'd get to see some of the best bad guys in the business bounce off of each other and knock lumps out of the Justice League. Another thing that these villains forming there own team would provide the perfect reason for the JLA to form. It would also work great in the sense that we would see at least one villain from each hero's rogues gallery, which would feed into all of their own solo films. We'd also already have had a look at the criminal underworld of the DC universe in 'Suicide Squad' which would help towards introducing these villains into the JL movie.

CONS: While we will have Suicide Squad to introduce us to the world of the villains, it's not really enough. We'd need to get acquainted with at least seven villains, and with six or so main members, the Suicide Squad has enough ground to cover in the character department. Wonder Woman also has an opportunity to show us these villains, but again, that film has to introduce us to gods and magic and monsters, so we can't really rely on it.

Wrapping Up...

So those are three DC villains/villain groups that would get me excited for Justice League. There are tonnes more, but I had to limit myself somehow. But feel free to share who you want to show up below, and until next time guys, enjoy your lives!!!


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