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Nintendo's efforts of saving the Wii U are well underway with the award winning Mario Kart 8 tearing its way through people's hearts, Bayonetta 2 simply being fantastic and the 2015 slated releases of the next incarnations of Zelda and Starfox. Things are truly hotting up for the beleaguered console.

Last month's release of the barrels of fun game that is Super Smash Bros. Wii U aided the cause rather admirably too. The 8 (EIGHT!) player brawler is an absolutely insane fighting game where you get to act out Nintendo fan fiction, by pitting the company's most iconic characters, and various others, in mass battles across stages based on Nintendo lore.

So if you've always desired taking on Sonic The Hedgehog, Captain Falcon from F-Zero and Mega Man as Mario, you need look no further!

Smash Bros. Wii U features a tool where you can customize and create your very own stages for the cast to battle on, and, naturally, the community have responded to the tool with frenzied abandon! Some custom stages are absolutely insane! Like many from Photobucket user chstar. Shall we have a look?


Here are chstar's offerings...

Donkey Kong Arcade

This looks absolutely terrific! A well done and true to the original homage. Must be absolutely mental to play!

Kirby Dream World

A nice flat stage for beginners based on the Game Boy and SNES classic.

Starfox Asteroids

Only in Smash Bros. could you get away with such a crazy looking stage! Ah, I well want to play this!

Super Mario Bros. 3

Loving the colors in this one! And the gold bricks have had a lot of attention paid to them.

Green Hill Zone

Wow. Just wow. This looks fantastic! Who wouldn't want to duke it out on Sonic's most familiar zone?

Master Sword

The promise of fighting around and on top of the Master Sword has made me a bit giddy!


Because why the heck not! Fantastic!

What an absolute genius! And, to repeat myself, I literally cannot wait to fight on these stages. Shall we have a look at some more?

Other Contenders...

Hylian Crest

Over at Kotaku, JakeJakeThePillowSnake has created a wonderful stage based on the Hylian Crest from Zelda!

The Crack Of Doom

GameFAQ user Solar_Crimson has forged a stage for the ages. One cannot simply button bash on Mount Doom.

What a list! And these are only a few choice examples of the range of brilliant custom made Smash Bros. stages available! Well done to all involved, now make more Metroid themed ones, please!


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