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So, all of us should know by now that Sony Pictures was hacked. It is still unknown who hacked Sony but thats a story for another day.

Anyway, the hackers leaked some info pertaining to the future of the Spiderman movie series and I like where its headed.

Marvel and Sony have been in the talks for a while now about the rights to the Spider-Man characters, no matter how much they deny it, we know its been going on and now its CONFIRMED!!

Okay, pull off your party hats now this does not by any means say that Spider-Man is going to be in the next Marvel movie. But I will say that both Marvel AND Sony want him to be in the MCU.

Could we actually see this happen!?
Could we actually see this happen!?

The other main detail from this bit of information is that Spidey was supposed to be in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Don't know what kind of part he would have played in there) and Captain America: Civil War. Which also means that Marvel did want the movie to stay true to its comic book predecessor.

Like I said, this doesn't mean that he will be in the next big Marvel flick, but its cool and exciting news that certainly means that there could be a bright future for the character.


Would You Want To See Spidey In The MCU?


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