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The holidays are here, and while May couldn't come any sooner ([The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035) comes out May 2015), there always seems to be some cool content coming out surrounding the Marvel franchise. In this case, we have a sweet rendition of a few classic Christmas songs that were cut together by talented YouTuber James Covenant.

Check out the video below:

Tony Stark tells Jarvis to drop the beat

Tony Stark telling his computer Jarvis to "drop the needle" here kicks off our video. Song #1 is "Joy to the World".

Thor wink... I think he knows where the mistletoe is at

This is absolutely bringing joy to my world already.

Odin and Loki finish the 'king' line... together


Pretty good. It's almost as if Loki is responding to Odin, and you can see that troubled look on his face as he says it... "king".

Tony Stark just wants us to have a Happy New Year

I wonder what the Stark Industries holiday card looks like...

Loki is truly in the Christmas spirit

I think he just thought of the perfect stocking-stuffer for Thor!

Good tidings to you and your... "Hulk"

James Covenant, the creator of this video, switches up the lyrics here. The music even switches up a little bit, acknowledging this "Hulk" addition.

Black Widow with a look of "fair enough"

This comes right after Tony says Hulk. Black Widow's shrug here is kind of like a "that works too". Great editing!

Bruce Banner wraps the video... or so we think

Ahh, that was cute. It's over... but what is this video missing?

Wait a second...

What the hell is that?

Oh it's Groot singing Jingle Bells!

They found a Christmas tree! Groot has a great singing voice. I can't deny those vocals. He really took his own spin on a classic.

Awesome. I have a feeling Ultron is on the naughty list, by the way. He probably doesn't care, but he's getting coal. Sorry buddy!


How impressed were you by Groot's vocals?

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