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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Everyone wants to get their partner a loving present - but what this lady did for her husband is getting a billion points for insanely awesome surprise present. This is giving me so many ideas for my girlfriend's birthday...

Sam Ross arrives at his house, in the dark

A message is taped to the garbage can:

There are f***ing zombies in the house... Please, please, please hurry up and kill them all! It came true!

There are two guns taped to the garbage bin

The guns have little torches on, just like a Resident Evil gun. Sam's buddy - who was in on the surprise birthday prank - has brought along a camera to film it all.

Once inside, they're relentlessly attacked by zombies

Well, a ton of obliging buddies dressed as zombies to make the birthday surprise complete! My favorite is the guy above, dressed in a deranged giant baby suit, hissing 'DADDY' at Sam as he nervously pushes the door open.

Check out the full video below...


Would you love this zombie prank as a birthday surprise!

Source: Sam Ross


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