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By now, I imagine that you've all heard the rumor doing the rounds that Jim Gordon will be dead in Batman v. Superman (If not you can check it out here). Now, it's still a rumor, so take it with a pinch of salt, but for the purpose of this article and theory; I'm gonna assume that it's true. So, what is the theory? Well, if the title didn't give it away...

James Gordon died in the battle of Metropolis

Yep... Let that sink in a little... maybe a little more... a touch more... and there we go, we can continue. You can call me crazy, I probably am, but that's my theory nonetheless. Again, this is my own idea, so for the record I'm just speculating here. But I think it's an awesome one. So, let me give you three reasons why it's plausible:

1.) Batman has a bone to pick with Superman

Batman ANGRY!!!
Batman ANGRY!!!

Even with principal photography seeming to have wrapped on Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, we still have no idea as to why Batman and Superman are fighting. Sure we have rumors, but no more than that. So, wouldn't Batman's greatest ally dying as a result of what could be argued to be Superman's incompetence be some pretty solid reason to have beef with the Man of Steel? I mean, Bruce Wayne never has been great at dealing with loss. Remember that one time his parents died so he started dressing like a bat and jumping off rooftops at night, and all? I imagine he's the kind of guy who would hold a grudge against Supes. A grudge that could drive him to trying to beat the living daylights out of him. We're getting an older, more scarred Batman in Dawn of Justice, but while Robins come and go, Batgirls lose their legs and girlfriends are passed on from - one of the very few constants in his life is that Gordon is always there. Which just gives him extra motivation to be mad at Superman.

2.) It emphasizes the theme

they don't seem all that happy...
they don't seem all that happy...

It's pretty obvious from the above picture that we're going to see a lot about the destruction caused in Man of Steel. There's clearly going to be a central theme around those consequences - but as an audience - it's going to be difficult to get behind that. Unless one of the casualties was our beloved Jim Gordon. Then we can definitely see the perspective of those protestors. Thus, the theme has more of an impact as I don't think there's anyone in the world who doesn't think Gordon is great. As opposed to the movie trying to get us sad over a bunch of nameless people who die. Now that's not to say that none of us would care, if it's done well, we definitely would. But imagine if the film opened with a flashback of our favorite commissioner being crushed beneath a falling skyscraper which Superman toppled. Just try to consider the kind of stinger that would cause.

3.) That SDCC teaser clip

sorry about the quality, its leaked
sorry about the quality, its leaked

I was a little confused when I saw Batman turn on his own Bat-signal in the SDCC teaser, although, mind you, it makes more sense when you see that he's lighting up Superman. Still, it's pretty much always Gordon who turns it on. It is, after all, one of his roles in his partnership with the Dark Knight. But it makes a lot more sense if Batman's turning it on because there is no Gordon to do so. As well as it explaining why he's doing it, it also gives an extra layer to this scene. If Batman blames Clark for the death of the commissioner, then illuminating Superman with the Bat-signal is basically his way of pointing the finger of blame. It's him saying, "Look what you did Superman, now watch as I beat you into the dirt for it!"

Wrapping Up...

Having been a writer on Moviepilot for a while now, Ive been inspired (it's corny but I couldn't think of a better word) to do more than that. So, me and two of my mates have started up a YouTube channel! Which we're calling Eneition. You can see it here. We're just getting started so naturally the first video isn't perfect, but we'll get better. Watch out for our review of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies coming this weekend.


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