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Setting my sights to the skies!!
Jimothy Beckholt

If you have ever wondered what it would be like for Ernest P. Worrell jr. to meet up with Ace Ventura. Well this fan film will take us on a journey to find Ernie's lost pet with the help of the worlds greatest pet detective. For Ernie his pet was his best bud, and would do anything to get him back. He comes across an ad in a phone book that will solve his problem and bring his best bud back.

Billy Crank (Really need this guy as The Son of Ernest) makes a special appearance in this fan film. Along side Jim Beckholt (me) as Ace. Written and directed By Ed & Leah McKelvey.

Jim Beckholt, Billy Crank , Ed Mckelvey
Jim Beckholt, Billy Crank , Ed Mckelvey

Coming Soon!


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