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Well it's official, shared universes are the new normal! Ever since Marvel wowed us with their shared universe film The Avengers back in 2012, every film company has wanted a slice of the 'shared universe' pie! The next company to serve up a hot slice is Sony; as according to a leaked email following a huge series of hacks, the corporation is planning to conjoin two of their biggest franchises; 21 Jump Street and Men In Black!

According to the Wall Street Journal, the movie will be more of a sequel to

, featuring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum taking over the


franchise and becoming the stars; replacing Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Jones and Smith would most likely return for small cameos, but would not feature in the film any more than that.

This idea sounds very...peculiar. But it does make some sort of sense. Men In Black 3 did pretty bad when it released, and though both Will and Tommy have said they would both consider returning for a fourth film, their attitudes towards the subject suggest they'd be fine either way. Then there's the fact that 21 Jump Street's big thing is that it pokes fun at itself being a cash grab ongoing franchise that isn't afraid to be outrageous to get some extra "moolah"; this was teased during the end-credits of 22 Jump Street, where you can see the two main actors (Tatum and Hill) in a series of crazy sequels involving them going to medical school, art school and a ninja academy among other places.

The film would serve as a sequel to 22 Jump Street and a reboot of the MIB franchise, and honestly sounds like a great and hilarious way to solve one of Sony's problems. Still waiting on that Spidey fixer-upper though...

TASM3: Spidey joins the firefighters!
TASM3: Spidey joins the firefighters!

I for one really enjoyed the MIB films, the third admittedly less than others; but I thought Will and Tommy were an awesome dynamic duo! Still, if a reboot must happen, I'm glad that Sony is doing it in such a creative way. The only real problem I have with this is that the 21 franchise is R-rated and the MIB franchise is PG-13, meaning they'll either have to water down 21, or amp up MIB. Either way, some fans will not be too happy about this strange crossover/reboot.

Still, my hat off to Sony for coming up with this original shared universe idea. Using the shared universe method to strengthen one franchise while at the same time rebooting another sure is interesting, and most likely they'll get a lot of money for this either way.


So what do you think? Is this movie going to be good? Or will it be just another pointless cash grab?


What do you think of a possible MIB/21 crossover?


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