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Although Kingsman: The Secret Service doesn't come out until February 2015, I was lucky enough to watch the new movie and spend sometime with its director Matthew Vaughn. Here are 6 things I learned about Kingsman: The Secret Service and Matthew Vaughn over breakfast.

Matthew Vaughn is a Big Fan of The Spy Who Loved Me

Kingsman: The Secret Service is an homage to, not just the James Bond film series, but also the gentleman spy genre as a whole. While the movie has obvious homages to The Avengers and Where the Spies Are, Vaughn noted the Roger Moore era of the James Bond franchise, namely The Spy Who Loved Me. Moore was James Bond during Vaughn's childhood, so it's easy to see why he wanted to pay homage to his favorite Agent 007.

Water and Coffee

While Twentieth Century Fox proved us bacon, scrambled eggs, pancakes, toast, and fruit from Big Daddy's Restaurant in NYC, Matthew Vaughn only drank water and coffee during the whole breakfast. He was moving from table to table to spend sometime with fans and the press, while he was also notably exhausted having just arrived in NYC the night before from England. As soon as the breakfast was over, he went straight to the airport to go back to the United Kingdom.

He Loves Shooting with Digital Cameras

Although he started his career working with real film, Matthew Vaughn has fully embraced the digital filmmaking revolution. There are amazing stunt and action sequences in Kingsman: The Secret Service, which couldn't be accomplished unless he spent a good amount of time doing these sequences again and again and again to get all in one shot.

"I try to imagine any action scene I film as one single wide shot with no cuts. If it's still good from that point of view, I'll do it and expand upon it, adding effects and cuts, etc... If it's not interesting enough from the wide shot, it's rarely worth doing."

100 Takes

Most notably, is one of Colin Firth's big fight scene that involves him taking on an entire church congregation. According to Vaughn, Colin Firth spent weeks learning each move during the scene and execute it in more than 100 takes. The end result is quite impressive.


Matthew Vaughn believes that movies should be, first and foremost, exciting and entertaining, but they should have some substance underneath. Believe it or not, Kingsman: The Secret Service has a very keen and clever political point-of-view about wealth and social justice. It's almost exciting to watch how its story unfolds and how Vaughn political point-of-view fits into all of his movies from Layer Cake to Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott gave Matthew Vaughn advice when he started out as a director. He had some very kind words about Ridley Scott when another MP contributor mentioned that he was an aspiring director. Vaughn said,

"This is something Ridley Scott told me years ago. All filmmaking is a guy standing behind the camera and the guy standing in front of the camera. If you have at least that, there's a movie in there somewhere."

Kingsman: The Secret Service hits theaters everywhere on February 13, 2015. Stay tuned, more to come...


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