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Until this week, fans of the Marvel superhero franchises had been completely in the dark on how far negotiations had progressed between Marvel Studios at Disney and the Sony-owned Spider-Man film franchise. Now we are fully aware of a deal that had progressed between the two in which Marvel and Sony would, in some ways, co-own the movie rights. This deal, had it been successful, would have likely put Spider-Man in the center of [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) to more accurately portray one of Marvel's most well-known story arcs. Unfortunately, nothing came of the proposal due to Sony's declination.

As if this wasn't enough to get fans in an outrage at the cancellation of the deal between the two parties, new reports show that Sony employees themselves are sick of the focus on sequels, trying to revive old franchises, and the lack of new and original content. The spotlights couldn't be more turned towards Sony Entertainment's executives if they tried.

Marvel, with the revelation of their film line-up all the way until the start of the the next decade, is at the top of their game. Having Spider-Man in their hands isn't something they even need, yet seems more like a favor to the fans and to Sony for even offering such a deal. Sony's uncooperative behavior appears more about their retaining of the rights to Spider-Man than fan satisfaction.

Why is agreeing to this deal with Marvel the best thing to do from all perspectives for Sony? Sony will no longer have to play this guessing game with directors and casting and continuation so that they can devote their time towards creating new original content, as their employees have already expressed a desire for. Sony still retains much of the rights and profits, as well as satisfy the undying fan war against them to give us the Cinematic Universe comic readers feel rightfully entitled to.

As usual, I feel the need to not be all talk and no walk, so below is a petition that has started the movement to approach Sony executives.


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