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There has been some speculation as of late as to who will be portraying the young Ororo Munroe in the much anticipated [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267). Fans everywhere think that Kat Graham from The Vampire Diaries would be the perfect shoe-in, so let's check her out:

Ororo Munroe is a mutant queen who has the ability to control the weather, aptly going by the name of Storm. At a young age she lost both of her parents in a tragic accident which leads her to become a skilled thief to survive. That is until Professor Charles Xavier finds her. Storm is a badass and Kat Graham has the potential to be an amazing Storm.

1.) Kat Graham resembles her possible older counterpart Halle Berry

I mean, you could easily cast them as a mother/daughter duo as well. But, for our purposes Kat Graham is completely plausible as a young Halle Berry.

2.) She's use to playing a person of immense power

As her day job includes portraying Bonnie Bennett, a heroic badass witch on The Vampire Diaries, which has basically prepared her well for the role of Storm.

3.) She's also knows what it's like to portray an orphan.

Considering she has played an orphan twice, as Bonnie Bennett in TVD and as Maria Ramirez in Honey 2.

4.) She is a dancer, so she'll quickly be able to grasp the choreography of fighting sequences

Oh, yeah! Did I forget to mention that Storm is also a kick-ass street fighter?

5.) She's used to speaking latin so if she had to learn an accent, she could easily do so (that is if they decide to do an accent)

Kat Graham also speaks Spanish, French, and some Portguese along with Hebrew. Oh, and on top of that she also sings. Yeah, she does it all.

7.) She's used to dealing with her fair share of CGI

8.) The girl works out

So, if she has to don a more revealing suit, she is fully equipped to handle it.

9.) She'll look great decked out with white hair and 80s clothing

10.) She most definitely has the acting chops to pull it off

You cannot tell me that this scene didn't resonate with you even a little bit.

It sure doesn't hurt that she's beautiful.
It sure doesn't hurt that she's beautiful.

All in all, what do you guys think? Could Kat pull it off?!


Do you think Kat Graham has what it takes to be Storm?


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