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Within the last month we've seen the release of three big film trailers, all of which are likely big box office draws, but which was the best out of the bunch?

First up we have Jurassic World; the forth entry in the massive film franchise starring Star Lord, aka Chris Pratt, and Bryce Dallas Howard. The film takes place twenty years after the events of the first film with a new park opening, new dinosaurs, and Velociraptor's that seem to be well trained (the best part of the trailer by the way). Check out the trailer below!

Did you dig it? I loved this trailer the first time I watched it. It had moments that took me back to when I was eight, sitting in that theater and cheering on the T-Rex as it rips apart a lawyer like a dog with a juicy steak. Seeing new dinosaurs, one of which eats a great white in one gulp as people look on as if watching a SeaWorld show. I was excited to see this trailer and loved it when I watched it the first, second, and third time. But I soon became tired of it. I pay to watch dinosaurs roam the earth again and I'm still excited to see it, but I started to realize this trailer lacks something. We get a new predator, but we don't see it. We're told the T-Rex will be in the film but he's no where to be seen. I need more, and this trailer just teases; which is what a trailer is for but watch The Jurassic Park and Lost World trailers, they get me more pumped and I've already watched those films.

Next up we have Terminator: Genisys. Yes, there making another Terminator film, and yes Arnold is getting older and doesn't pack a punch like he used to, but come on! Check out the trailer and tell me you don't squeal with delight!

Alright! What was that? Was that Arnold killing a younger T-800 version that was in the 1984 film? Did Sarah Conner just save Kyle Reese from a T-1000 in the same store he was stealing clothes from while hiding from cops in the first film? Whats going on here? I'll tell you what happening! It's a new spin on a tired franchise! The filmmakers are pulling a J.J. Abrams and resetting the timeline by sending a Terminator back to when Sarah Conner was a child, letting that Terminator raise her to become a stone cold soldier, and giving a better reason as to why Arnold looks older due to the human tissue aging over his robotic exoskeleton. Did you catch all that? Its a great trailer, one of which I've watched several times, but I'm curious. I've been disappointed with the last two movies, and even though Arnold is back it does make me question whether it will be another tiresome film in the franchise or not.

Last, but not least, Star Wars: The Force Awaken. I'm still not sure about that title but we'll see what the deal is when I actually see the film in a years time.

Star Wars is back, well kind of. We still have a freaking year until we actually see the movie, and I hate it when they release a trailer this soon. Any who, I loved the tease. We get glimpses of Storm Troopers, an R2 unit with a beach ball for a body, someone from the Dark Side in the woods with a funky lightsaber, and the falcon being chased down by a couple TIE fighters as the familiar John Williams score busts out and cutting to the familiar Star Wars logo. A great look into whats to come, but it really showed us nothing. I have no idea whats going on other than the dark side is coming back, people are scared and rushing off somewhere, and I'm guessing some space ship battles are going to happen as well. As I said before I hate it when something is teased a year before the films release. Does anyone else miss the good old days when we didn't know what was coming out until a trailer for it was released on television a few months before it was set to be released? I do!

The best trailer for this group of trailers is: Terminator: Genisys

Why is it the winner? The trailer has plenty of action, it teases but also shows us whats coming, it gives us a glimpse at what the story is, and its reinventing a franchise that was loosing its luster.


Which trailer did you like best?


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