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Joseph Bradley

With last nights reveal of the Reverse flash things got tense, but to be honest I was a little disappointed. I have been routing the Eddie Thawne revenge plot. However as I observed last nights episode I noticed some things.

First of all the Reverse flash we see here, is ready... I believe to be in fact different than the Reverse flash we see in The Man in Yellow, For a few reasons one there suits are different. Wells suit has black up the arms and This Flash has complete yellow. I believe that the flash who killed Norah Allen, who caused Barry Allen to disappear, who stole doctor Wells or the other Reverse flash to lose his chance to battle his nemesis Barry, and that is why wells helps Barry to defeat Eddie then swoop in for the kill. With wells appearing in this episode as the Reverse flash, I believe He wants to keep the memory of the man in the yellow suit alive in Berry's mind and to make Barry hate The man in the yellow suit more to prepare for Eddies ascent to the mantle then strike after Barry wins.

What about Eddie. How could nice lovable Eddie become Evil. Iris. Barry in this episode revealed his true feelings to Iris Imagine if a major event happened in which Iris realized she feels the same way for Berry, causing her to dump Eddie who goes into a depressive state, and loses his job. Then in a strange turn of events finds out that berry is the flash causing him to hate berry even more.




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