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Okay, so, actually it was a couple of nights ago, but does that really matter? I don't think it does.

This post, like pretty much all of the rest of my posts, is just for fun. I thought you might enjoy hearing about the pretty freakin' awesome dream I had, but also, I just want to put it somewhere so I can always remember it because, really, who hates forgetting really cool dreams? That would be me.

Alright, here it goes...

The way my dream started out made me feel like I was an actress in the tv show, but by the end of the dream, it seemed as though reality switched & the zombie apocalypse was really happening & I was myself, but also a member of Rick's group. Everyone was there, including Beth (she's still ALIVE!), I was just an added member. Also, Daryl & I were best friends (nothing more, nothing less, it was intense). How that friendship came to be wasn't in my dream, it was just fact.

We were all just doing basic survival during the zombie apocalypse sort of stuff, you know, killing walkers, finding shelter, & all when, for whatever devastating reason (it wasn't clear in my dream what actually happened), Daryl was dying (I KNOW, I WANT TO CRY JUST THINKING ABOUT IT). He knew it was over, we knew it was over, I was the most devastated, it was awful. But he, being the manly man he is, didn't want to just let himself die & then have one of us "put him down" before he turned. Instead, he wanted to put himself down (as in stab himself in the temple) before he even died from his wounds. Because we were best friends, I didn't want him to go through with it alone, so I asked him if I could stay with him during his last moments & be there when he went through with it. He agreed. So the two of us went off by ourselves, sat by a wall hand in hand, reminiscing about our survival journey.

After sitting there together for a while, he revealed to me that it was time he did it. He knew he didn't have much longer & needed to act before he was too weak to do it. I solemnly nodded & then, still holding hands, looked ahead & not directly at him while he stabbed himself & ended it all. Once I realized it was over, I sobbed, but didn't let go of his hand for the longest time.

At the end of the dream, we had buried Daryl, set up a memorial for him along with the other memorials we had set up for other members in the group we had lost in the church where we were staying (not the same as in the show), and made plans to move on to a new place.

And that was that. It was the best, yet worst, dream I've ever had. I got to be best friends with Daryl Dixon, but then he died and that's more than I can handle in real life, tv character or not. All I have left to say is, Scott Gimple, Robert Kirkman, don't you two fellas get any ideas.. (as if they'll ever actually see this..)


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