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So I was surfing the inter-webs today, when I happened upon a rather interesting piece of news. Apparently, BBC, or the British Broadcasting Corporation is striking up a deal with a Kuwait backed property developer to allow some of its shows and characters to be "brought to life". This means that shows like and

[Sherlock](series:201416) will get themed attractions based on their respective worlds. You can imagine my excitement.

Or you can look at this GIF. Sums it up pretty well
Or you can look at this GIF. Sums it up pretty well

BBC's programs will be brought to life at a new £2bn theme park and holiday resort being built by the Thames estuary in north Kent. The deal is in partnership with Paramount Pictures, distributors of movies like Mission Impossible, Star Trek and....sigh The Last Airbender.

They can't all be winners...
They can't all be winners...

The partnership is reportedly the first step towards a formal partnership between BBC and London Resort Company Holdings. It is currently planned for an Easter opening. There's only one problem with's Easter of 2020.

The theme park is clearly ripping a page out Sherlock's book and telling us something insanely cool; then immediately turning around and telling us we HAVE TO WAIT FOR AN INCREDIBLY LONG TIME!!

On the plus side, six years is enough time for me to save up for a trip to the UK to check the theme park out. But what will the park feature? Well it's not known for sure, but it's most likely going to feature rides and attractions based on BBC's top shows. Like for instance:

A Sherlock-based Murder Mystery!

An attraction taking place in a section of the park modeled after Sherlock, taking you to iconic places from the show; such as 221B Baker Street or the Lucky Cat Shop from season one in order to solve a murder mystery! You and a couple of other clever sleuths will have to work together, combining your wits to solve the mystery before time runs out! Maybe there could be a competitive mode, where two or more teams face off to find the most clues and solve the mystery before the others!

It would be an amazing game and fans (including me) would love to parade around, solving mysteries in Sherlock's hometown!

A Doctor Who Cinematic Roller Coaster Experience!

Thanks to one of my closest friends, I am a Doctor Who fanatic! Which is why I would love it if there were a Doctor Who attraction at the new BBC theme park—especially one in the vein of 4D simulator rides like The Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios or Star Tours at Disneyland!

Just think about it; you get in, sit down and strap yourself up! Then, you're taken on a inter-dimensional adventure! Using the T.A.R.D.I.S as your main hub, you assist the Doctor in defeating the exterminate loving Daleks and saving the world! I recommend that they use either Matt Smith or David Tenant.

'Cause come on, these dudes are awesome!
'Cause come on, these dudes are awesome!

These and so many more are just some of the amazing ideas that could become a possibility should this deal go through and the park gets made.

So are you excited about this theme park?


Are you excited about a BBC theme park?


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