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This past episode was amazing. Not only was it filled with major plot reveals like the Reverse Flash we've all been waiting for, but it was also a Christmas episode. And it gave me a pretty good Christmas gift. Ever since I started watching, I've been hoping for some progress with Iris West and Barry Allen. Yes, they're best friends. But in the comics, they're more than that. In the comics, I love their pairing. I ship them, if you will. For the longest time, Barry Allen loved Iris, but wouldn't tell her for fear of ruining their friendship.

That changed in this past episode. While Iris is getting ready to move in with Eddie Thawne, Barry sorts out his feelings and why he hasn't told her yet. He eventually tells her that he loves her, and that he understands she's with Eddie and that he will respect that. While I wasn't terribly happy about that, I am happy that it's finally out in the open because there is now some progress on that front.

On another note, when Eddie presented Iris with a key, she didn't look terribly excited. The hopeful part of me is wanting to believe this is because her feelings aren't quite as intense for Eddie as we might have believed. However, it's likely just because the guy presented the key in a velvet box and Iris may have thought he was proposing. Whether that would have meant her being more excited, or more cautious because they've only been dating a year is something else entirely.

Yet another plot twist on the romantic front was the reappearance of Donnie, Caitlyn Snow's fiance. We thought he died! Weird, huh? Anyways, he reappeared as a metahuman and saved the day basically. However, he isn't the same man Caitlyn fell in love with. She was kind of devastated, and Cysco helped her pick up the pieces at one point in the episode. Could this mean a future for Caitlyn Snow and Donnie? Caitlyn Snow and Cysco? I guess we'll just have to wait and see until the next airing after the midseason finale.

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