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Okay. So first thing's first. The mid-season finale was downright amazing. Right from Cisco's rock-paper-lizard-scissors-Spock tee (yes, we noticed that) to the obvious, 'The Man In The Yellow Suit' or The Reverse Flash, as one might say, the fall finale of the hit TV Series was wait-for-it, l-e-g-e-n-d-a-r-y.

Though the season's just nine episodes in, it has managed to weave a nice intricate web of mystery, which is, ofcourse, intended to keep people hooked. Now, looking around the internet, we found a lot of people putting up a number of theories trying to explain what exactly is happening ( We're not sure anybody understands fully though) and though there are a lot of flaws regarding each theory, it's worth the effort. We have considered each one and presented our theory as to what really happened. Not unlike others, it has it's flaws as well. But that's the most we can reckon so far..

Now, to understand what I'm about to say to you, you have to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Cool. (just to rip-off Flash). There are decades of history regarding [The Flash](series:1068303) and The Reverse Flash, and we don't need to get into that. What we do have to know is, the title Reverse Flash refers to not one, but two villainous speedsters from the rich history of DC Comics. The first being Eobard Thawne, a 25th century scientist. Thawne is almost obsessed with Barry Allen and wants to time travel into the past to meet with his idol. He even undergoes a plastic surgery to make himself look like Barry. Being a brilliant scientist himself, he somehow manages to replicate the accident that gave Barry his powers and gains his super speed, losing years of life in the process. But his spirit remains undaunted. He steals the cosmic treadmill (a time travelling device) and tries to go to the time when Barry lived, to meet with his hero. The treadmill however, being in not-so-good condition after all the years, malfunctions and transports him to a time after Barry's death, when Wally West was the then Flash. It is there that he comes to know, much to his anger (okay, a lot of anger) that Thawne is destined as Flash's worst enemy, Professor Zoom. Mad with anger and grief, along with the damage caused to his head by the time travel, he decides to go back in time and challenge the Flash, becoming his worst enemy and thus fulfilling the destiny. (if only he hadn't done anything!) He even went back in time to kill Barry's mom.

But it’s just as worthwhile to point out our second guy, Hunter Zolomon, friend and fellow policeman (knock knock!) to Wally West, Barry Allen’s successor. When Zolomon winds up injured and confined to a wheelchair (knock knock again!), he requests that Wally travel back in time to spare his legs. Wally refuses, leading Zolomon to attempt the feat himself. The result: Zolomon was removed from the timestream, and left with a serious grudge against The Flash. Blessed with glowing red eyes, a personal connection to The Flash, and an ability to move through time, not just space, Zolomon proved every bit as deadly as his predecessor, taking the name Zoom (not Professor, just Zoom).

The TV series viewers may find themselves in a lot of confusion if they try to track the happenings to comics, and that is the reason why we think there are both, and possibly a lot more, storylines potentially at play this far. While the primary suspect right from the first episode being Dr. Harrison Wells, this is precisely the reason I don't think he's the bad guy. Inspite of everything, Wells seems to be working to make the Flash a better hero, unlocking his full potentials so that he saves the entire DC universe in a Crisis (direct reference to Crisis on Infinite Earths comic arc, where Barry sacrifices himself during the crisis to save the entire universe) at some point in the future. We all saw his concern and the steps he takes to make sure he is in the right timeline.

So leaving him out of it for the moment (for the moment!), I think we can concentrate on the other suspect, that's right, police officer Eddie Thawne. The clues are evident apparently. The surname (Thawne), with the name Eddie possibly being a 21st century bastardization of Eobard.

"But Eddie's so nice! And it doesn't seem like he is some kind of a villain running about in a yellow suit!"
- TV Viewers

and that is exactly why we think that The Reverse Flash is possibly a future version of Eddie himself, who has apparently travelled back in time for some reason. Note that he didn't kill the present Eddie, only staring onto him for a moment. This is probably because if he kills off the past Eddie, the future Eddie would cease to exist. He himself was as much surprised and later questions Joe about this. The show producers clearly want us to think about this. He even says to Barry that he was someone who Barry knows, thus apparently eliminating the possibility of he being someone new for the moment. He also specifies that he is always one step ahead of him, which could as well be a reference to their position regarding Iris West. As for the thing Cisco said about there being two Flashes when Barry's mom was killed, I'm going by Flashpoint in this regard. In this comic arc, Barry actually travels back in time to prevent his mom's murder, only to realize that should he do so, the damage done to timeline would be immense (for starters, Barry would never have become Flash), and finally chooses to let it happen. That would explain the red and yellow lightning in that scene, as Barry probably came back. I would even go by the idea that he was the one who pulled young Barry out of the house and into the streets to prevent him from running into the lightning, and thus, was actually keeping him out of harm's way. As for why the Reverse Flash wanted to kill his mom, it was probably to trigger the events that would lead Barry to become the Flash (following this event, Barry would go to Joe's, study, become a forensics scientist, and finally, get hit by the lightning).

Well, that leaves us with the fatal flaw in this theory, the role of Harrison Wells. He is obviously someone from the future or someone with knowledge of the future(duh!) and it also seems that he is a speedster after all (though there may be other explanations of him distorting his voice, but that seems unlikely at this moment). Also, he possesses the Reverse Flash suit (that is the thing that's killing me), though it can also be another suit entirely as well, which he had designed himself or something like that. After all, he was kinda obsessed with Flash's powers, and probably used the tachyon device to energize the suit, enabling it to travel at speeds greater than the speed of light and hence, giving the wearer the power to time travel. Though how he came to possess the suit and whether there are more than one Reverse Flashes operating, is pretty much impossible to predict at this point.

However, we would like to hear some new theories as well, so feel free to open up. What do you guys think?


Who do you think may be 'The Man In The Yellow Suit'?


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