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Spoilers Ahead: Don't read if you haven't seen Episode 9!

What's with Dandy?

Dandy, as I predicted, was going to continue to kill and no one will stop him. The rich boy is use to getting what he wants and will continue to get what he wants through the use of his fortune.

First he kills someone that is visiting the house and sews her head to his mothers body. He was recreating Bette and Dot, since they got away. He truly loves them because he feels that he is a freak just like them. When in reality he is crazy.

We see that he is crazy when he continually states that "I am the law" or things about being a God and coming to walk the earth with everyone else. He thinks he is superior and no one can stop him from getting what he wants. Let's just blame his mother for his crazy outbursts.

A part of him feels guilty for killing his mother but he loves to bathe in blood. Later in the episode, he goes to the Tupperware party and kills the ladies present after Jimmy leaves. He dumps their bodies in the pool for the husband to discover later. He of course takes some of the blood for himself.

He keeps a tub in his room of entertainment and pours blood in it to bathe in, while Regina looks upon in horror. Of course she goes and runs to the police but our little Dandy pays the officer off and Dandy is allowed to live his crazy life.

Let's take note that Dandy is smart but because he is insane and loves getting what he wants, he uses his brilliant mind for the wrong things. He sets up Jimmy for the killings because Jimmy took away his twins, Bette and Dot.

Now that Jimmy is gone from the Freak Show, no one is there strong enough and heroic enough to protect the twins from Dandy. I bet you that the twins will get caught in with Dandy and we will have trouble on our hands.

Jimmy Loses His Mind, Twins Deal with Separation

Jimmy is still struggling with the lose of his mother, Ethel. He doesn't want to let go and continues to drink, where he isn't thinking straight. He sleeps with Ima Wiggles after feeding her and drinking even more. Let's keep in mind that Esmeralda wanted to run away with him. But after what she witnessed, she might not want Jimmy anymore

Jimmy also goes and does his side job of pleasing women at Tupperware parties. He gets kicked out because he was drunk. Before leaving he sees his mother during a hallucination. She tells him to not be like his father and to carry the family legacy. She is trying to get him to get his act together and be a man. Be the man of the Freak Show.

While this happens Bette and Dot are being hidden away in a farmhouse by Elsa. Let's just say that Stanley is stirring trouble, it will be discussed later in the article. But during the discussion between Bette and Dot, we learn that Bette is willing to give up her life for her sister to live of only one of them can survive. Bette lives her life for her sister and is very willing to sacrifice to give Dot the life she wants.

Dot sees how much Bette means to her, this leads to them changing their mind. The escape the farm and go back to the Freak Show to confess their love to Jimmy. They decide to stay together and not separate because they wouldn't be able to live without each other.

Bette and Dot confess their love for Jimmy and is willing to give themselves to Jimmy. Jimmy doesn't love them because he loves Esmeralda. He realizes that he has screwed up and probably will stop drinking. But it's too late because he gets arrested. Dandy did warn him that he would get his revenge. The twins are going to be kidnapped by Dandy in the future.

Stanley Continues to Haunt the Freak Show

Stanley is being a fraud within the Freak Show and he has got Elsa under his spell. Elsa doesn't want to kill her 'monster's because she took them under her arm, she considers them as her children. But she is blinded by her craving for fame.

Stanley uses that to his advantage to get the freaks he needs for his museum. Stanley is also blackmailing Dell with the secret that Dell is gay. Stanley is gay as well and has a secret of his own. Stanley is a freak as well but I'm guessing since it includes the groin region, we won't be seeing what makes him a freak.

Dell tried to kill himself due to the guilt he feels for killing Ma Petit. This guilt only exists because of Stanley. No Stanley means no guilt and our little Ma Petit would be alive. Stanley has control over Dell as long as he has use for him.

Stanley has claimed two freaks by now, our Ma Petite and Ethel Darling, he will continue to get more, especially because there is no one to protect the Freak Show. He's not present all the time but he is present when it is most beneficial for him. Stanley is smart and manipulates anyone and everyone to his advantage.

The characters like Dandy, Stanley, and Elsa all have one thing in common. They are all blinded by their desires. Dandy desires the feeling he gets when he kills. Stanley desires freaks for the museum. Elsa desires fame. This hunger for fulfillment in whatever they desire is going to destroy and kill the Freak Show.

I know I didn't discuss all the aspects in the episode. Let's talk about it further. Comment below!


In your opinion, what are your predictions?


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