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Oliver Queen is a fictional super hero character, created by DC Comics. Once a rich and spoiled boy, he went on a yacht trip with his girlfriend’s sister Sarah and they both crossed paths with destiny’s cruelty.

They became shipwreck victims. Oliver and his father survived the crash, but Sarah was lost and presumed dead. Later his owner committed suicide on a safe boat to save water and food for his son.

Robert Queen ending his life
Robert Queen ending his life

Eventually Oliver reached an isolated island where he was stranded for five years. During that time certain events in his life led to a series of consequences which completely bent his personality.

When he finally managed to escape from the island and find a way home, he returned not the billionaire spoiled brat he once was, but a warrior. Skilled in the arts of archery, strong mentality, spirituality and herbalism, he decided to cleanse his home town of Starling from crime and corruption.

Lian Yu
Lian Yu

Oliver Queen became a vigilante crime fighter known as The Arrow. Throughout his battle with the bad guys he found valuable allies to aid his quest. John Diggle, Felicity Smoak, Roy Harper and Oliver Queen formed The Arrow Team. This squad gets assistance from the local police department through Quentin Lance and the law through his daughter Laurel Lance.

The Arrow Team
The Arrow Team

Alright so obviously Arrow Team is in possession of top-quality technology - computers, communication devices, surveillance and lab equipment. Ollie inherited “Queen Consolidated” corporation from his father. He built a club named “Verdant” with his sister Thea. She takes care of the bar while Team Arrow’s secret hideout is situated right under this very establishment.

But can you imagine what mobile apps would Oliver Queen have installed on his phone to aid him on his journey if something terrible should happen to his den?

We live in a world where danger lurks around every corner. What if an earthquake destroyed his hideout? What if a failed chemistry experiment caused an explosion and wrecked all his equipment? What if he forgot to pay the electricity bill?

Or in normal everyday life, where he must live like any other normal person - meet friends, socialise, party, cook, eat, clean, launder etc.? It’s important not to raise suspicion in other people and compromise his hero identity.

Fitness App

Salmon ladder
Salmon ladder

As a hero, Oliver must always stay in good shape and be ready for urgent situations requiring his aid. With regular training he maintains his strength, agility and awareness, not only his divine body form women always fall in love with. Imagine if they knew what lies beneath the normal life personality he has to fake during daytime.

So having a fitness app on his mobile phone seems pretty much natural for a guy like The Green Arrow. He just picks his phone up and with a few clicks he finds the desired exercise supplied with rich description on what muscle it fortifies.

Calorie Tracker

Speaking of heroes, mobility, agility and endurance one must pay close attention to what he consumes. Who knows, maybe he likes to stuff his belly up with burgers, doughnuts, oreos, nutella, doner kebabs, tacos, pizza and coke in his free time.
Anyway it is important, as mentioned above, for Ollie to maintain good health. He needs to monitor his vitals with caution and lose weight if necessary.

Health App

Since we’ve started with apps that mainly serve his health condition, it’s appropriate to mention a medical app. A software which shows him possible symptoms of illness and how to deal with them.

Some of Starling City’s criminals use deadly poisons and drugs for their purposes - kidnap, murder, sedate etc:

  • League Of Assassins members use curare to intoxicate their foes.
  • A lunatic who goes by the name “The Count” invented a deadly drug called “Vertigo” and distributed it all around the city.
  • A Japanese super-soldier serum called “Mirakuru” was injected to a group of bad guys in order to kill The Arrow Team.

Even a simple beating may require medical attention and Oliver needs to know how to heal his injuries. Going to the hospital is not what a masked vigilante normally does. And if he gets shot, the police will ask questions.

Herbal App

Oliver Queen has acquired much knowledge of herbs and their effects on certain sicknesses back when he was stranded on Lian Yu island with Slade Wilson (one of the to-later-become villains) and Shado who was killed.

However an app about herbs and where to find and collect them is useful for our hero. He needs to know where to look for medicinal plants to make curare remedy.

News App

For a hero who protects his city from the forces of evil, Oliver must always stay tuned to the events happening in Starling. He doesn’t always have access to a computer because he attends parties, meetings of all sort, dates chicks etc. And evil does not sleep.

Perhaps an app that alerts him through a ringtone when news is posted in a particular website. Considering the fact that today’s smartphones all have unlimited access to the Internet.

GPS /Maps, Tracking/

It’s absolutely obligatory for The Arrow Team to use the benefits of GPS. Finding locations is of vital importance for a “modern-day” hero. If Oliver gets in trouble his team must know where exactly he is and react quickly.

As for tracking, it’s necessary he’d like to monitor the enemy’s actions from a distance and eventually find a secret hideout of some sort.

Nightlife Events App

Both Oliver and his sister run a nightclub named “Verdant”. They organise parties that need advertisement. If their club is listed in party event sites this means that those sites have a mobile version too.


Ollie’s mobile phone wouldn’t only contain apps for his hero life right?
Personally for Arrow a place where many people gather, like social events or parties, means that some of the bandits he battles will most likely attend them. The local mob might sell Vertigo or plan to kidnap/murder an influential guest.

Cleaning App

Why the hell would Oliver Queen need such app? Well… why not?
Someone has to clear up the mess after the parties in “Verdant”. His home and office in QC need maintenance too. As for his hero secret base - only if the staff could be trusted and 100% loyal to him and his cause.

A complete mess
A complete mess

Ollie has no time for this. He’d rather grab his phone, book a service through his house cleaning app and forget about the trouble.

Online Shopping App

Nothing out of the ordinary here. An Ebay or Amazon shopping catalogue app for technology, tools, equipment, hardware, clothes… Perhaps bows and arrows - why not?

Password App

Security code
Security code

Ollie’s mobile phone contains valuable top-secret data - photos, documents, voice recordings, text messages. If his smartphone should fall into the wrong hands it must be well protected until he recovers it. 1Password if a perfect app for such occasions.

Finance App

After the takeover of Queen Consolidate, Ollie is not the rich guy he was in the past and needs to carefully monitor his spendings and savings. Apps like Mint help him track his finances.


This may look like a joke to some but think about it. The largest social media in the world where you could find almost everyone you’re looking for. And if a criminal is dumb enough to create a profile - here you go, easy.

On the other hand, even superheroes need to have friends and date chicks in normal life. Plus, socialising in Facebook contributes to the cause of hiding his hero identity - he is trendy as everybody else.


A weather app doesn’t hurt anybody’s mobile phone. For Oliver Queen this software is useful because when he goes hunting for bad guys at night, he has to know if he should wear the waterproof gear.


The Arrow performs amazing stunts while chasing the evildoers. If however he wrecks his motorcycle and doesn’t have a ride home, what is he going to do? He is going to book a ride via Uberapp.


What’s a smartphone without flashlight anyway?


This is not a must-have app for Oliver Queen, but it’s a good way to communicate with Sara when she’s away with the League of Assassins. Or with the Flash. Or Laurel.


Do you feel like something in the list is missing? If you have any suggestions please share them with me and the rest of the world. Together we will figure out what our hero Oliver Queen has installed on his phone.


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