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In this age of technology, it's easy to forget that just a few short years ago the idea of things like video calling, GPS, and Angry Birds were just pipe dreams. But while my generation has had the benefit of growing up in a world constantly adapting to these breakthroughs, there was a time when instructional VHS tapes were the only way to teach newfangled stuff. And who better to teach it to us than celebrities?!

Somehow this instruction guide for Windows 95 starring Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry has surfaced on YouTube, and let me tell you, it is the most '90s thing I have ever seen. Take a look at what Jennifer and Matthew looked like in the video compared to today:

Ahh that famous hair cut! But seeing retro Rachel and Chandler wasn't the only highlight - check out some others from the Windows 95 instructional video below:

Firstly it's introduced to us in this jazzy way

Check out all of those fonts and colors! Strap yourself in for some good learnin'! The video pegs itself as the "world's first cyber sitcom" and contains a lot of Seinfeld-esque sound effects, which is strange considering it has the stars of Friends in it. Throughout the video, Aniston and Perry are joined by a "wacky bunch of propellerheads," as they navigate Windows 95!

Aniston and Perry meet Bill Gates' assistant, Bernice

This sassy assistant takes the two Friends into Bill's office and starts teaching them about everything Windows 95 can do! The options are limitless! '90s Aniston and Perry naturally take it all in their stride.

Windows 95 was a stunner

Did you know Windows 95 was Microsoft's first operating system to have both a start menu and a task-bar? Thanks to Jennifer and Matthew, I now do!

Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry predicted the cat meme

Though these days we all know cats rule the internet, it had to have started somewhere, and I believe it may have had something to do with this video. Part way through their lesson, Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry are joined by Chipster Williams, who has a weird penchant for looking at badly animated cats on Windows 95.

Sam Huntington made a cameo!

After Chipster Williams predicted the cat meme, Jennifer and Matthew are joined by Joystick Johnny who challenges Rachel to a pinball duel (remember pinball a.k.a. the best inbuilt game on Windows?!). Joystick Johnny seems to be a bit of a rebel without a cause type, but behind that menacing tie-dye T-shirt was the familiar face of Sam Huntington!

After his illustrious start in the Windows 95 video, Huntington went on to films like Jungle 2 Jungle, Superman Returns, and Veronica Mars! But that wasn't the end of the cameos from future stars...

There was a rock band...With a familiar face!

At some point in the video Matthew Perry emails his friend Tim, who is in a "alternative heavy metal vinyl redux" band, and invites him to Bill Gates' office with his latest CD. Toward the end of the film, the band shows up and guess who Matthew's friend Tim is...Yep, Erik Jensen a.k.a. Dr. Steven Edwards from the latest season of The Walking Dead.

The film ends with Jen and Matthew sucking everyone into the computer and then leaving!

But they took their extensive knowledge of Windows 95 with them!

Check out the entire, bizarre video right here:


Do you feel more informed about Windows 95?

Source: YouTube, IMDB

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