ByAnthony Norris, writer at

The new trailer has rolled out for the now highly-anticipated Pixar movie Inside Out.

The trailer is hilarious, and does a great job of introducing the movie's main concept of emotions.

But Pixar would never do things by halves, and the trailer could quite possibly lend a little foreshadowing to the character arcs of our leading lady Riley...

You see, in both the parent's Headquarters (the place where all the emotions are seen) we see very clearly a semi circular desk (control panel) with a very clear leader. For the mother it's the sad emotion, for the father it's the emotion of anger.

However in Riley's mind we see no one set leading emotion, with no curved desk. The emotions also have no defining features, to symbolize their attachment to Riley. (This was most likely done because this film is from her perspective, and she is the main character, but also perhaps her youth)

If Pixar is going to take us on an emotional character arc, we will most likely see her Headquarters change to resemble the template of an adult, with most likely Joy being at the helm of control.

The closest "ensemble" shot we've seen of the emotions in Riley, is from the first Teaser Trailer, which showed all five behind a smaller panel (in comparison to the parents).

This just my theory, from an over-reading imagination. Comment below what you think the plot line and character arcs in the film will be.


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