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As I previously reported, all your favorite Nintendo games could be heading to iPhones very soon!

The Japanese company recently filed a patent for 'Hand-held Video Game Platform Emulation' in the US, meaning they may be planning to release their awesome catalogue of classic video games on mobiles.

This incredible news is a gift straight from the gaming gods, and it got me thinking - if they were to do such a thing, which games would be at the top of my iPhone wish list? With over 30 years of awesome titles to choose from, picking just 5 to take with me on the go was a tough process, but after much careful deliberation, here are are the games Nintendo needs to bring to the iPhone!


Most of my childhood energy was channeled into collecting as many Pokemon as was humanly possible, but I'm still not ready to hang up my potion-filled knapsack.

It's too hard to choose just one of the games, so how about the whole franchise? Imagine an augmented reality version of Pokemon Snap that utilizes your iPhone's camera! Or, how about challenging fellow commuters to an epic trainer battle in Pokemon Stadium? Make it happen Nintendo.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time's HUD elements are already well suited to a touch screen, and there's no doubt the iPhone could cope with its fairly simplistic graphics.

If Link and Zelda make the platform jump, then one of the greatest games of all time would be introduced to a whole new generation of gamers, and that's an incredibly exciting prospect!

Super Mario All-Stars

Featuring Super Mario Bros. 1-3, as well as The Lost Levels, All-Stars is the definitive Mario collection. There's enough masterful platforming wrapped up in this neat little package to keep me busy for months!

It's criminal that Nintendo hasn't yet released Mario on mobiles - this would be the best possible way to start.

Star Fox 64

This Nintendo 64 classic was wonderfully adapted to the 3DS handheld console, so why not Apple's device? I'd be so up for a mobile reunion between Fox McCloud and his merry band of anthropomorphic space pilots. Plus, the iPhone's gyroscope capabilities would be perfect for controlling your ship!

Mario Kart

The legendary family franchise is unrivaled when it comes to pure multiplayer mayhem. I would literally throw money at Nintendo for the ability to race Rainbow Road against my friends on the my phone.

I just hope Nintendo wouldn't be tempted to attach exorbitant micro-transactions to the weapons. Except for the blue shell - screw that thing.


If you had to pick one, which game would you want on the App Store?


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