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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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TV is finally getting the budget, the scope and the daring of feature films, giving writers and directors the chance for a whole lot of experimentation... and GORE.

Check out the 6 goriest moments I saw on TV in 2014 and feel free to add your own!

There are going to be TV spoilers here. Walk away if you don't wanna get spoiled...

6. No Pain, no Strain

Episode: 'Night Zero'

Ew, what happened? The Master gets up to his usual dreadful, robed tricks: neck snapping and head bashing is a great way to kick off a gory season of The Strain!

5. The Knick has the knack... for gore

Episode: 'Method and Madness'

Ew, what happened? Sharp medical instruments. Failed placenta praevia surgery. White Coats. A massive nightmare, basically.

4. The Walking Dead Massacre

Episode: 'No Sanctuary'

Ew, what happened? The Walking Dead kicked off Season 5 with one of the most memorable episodes ever: a bunch of guys getting slaughtered like cattle, their bodies prepared for cannibalization.

3. American Horror Story picks up the pieces

Episode: 'Pink Cupcakes'

Ew, what happened? Deranged rich kid Dandy Mott picks up a handsome man in a bar, and proceeds to dismember him - while he's still alive.

2. Horsing around with Hannibal

Episode: 'Su-zakana'

Ew, what happened? Some loony is sewing people inside horses, which is about as subtle as most of the deranged Hannibal crime scenes. This leads to such great lines of dialogue as, "is your social worker in that horse?"

1. Eye Love Game of Thrones

Episode: 'The Mountain & The Viper'

Ew, what happened? Oberyn Martell starts grandstanding and loses the upper hand in the fight against a man the size of a small planet. Head-crushingly gruesome...


What do you think was the goriest TV moment of 2014?

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