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Santa Claus usually brings joy to the face of any child dumped in front of him. After all, he is the jolly, merry harbinger of gifts and festive cheer...

- Or is he -

It seems there are some Santas out there who really shouldn't be allowed near children. In fact, some of them just should be 'allowed' period.

Take a look for yourself, but I take no responsibility if these pictures ruin your Christmas.

The 'If You Want to See Your Children Again' Santa

The Cthulhu Santa

The Seriously WTF? Santa

Silent Night-Mare

The 'But You Can Never Leave' Santa

The 'I See Your Soul' Santa

All I Want For Christmas Is (To Get Away From) You

Last Christmas I Gave You a Black-Eye

Santa's Little Hell-pers

The 'Play With Us Danny' Santa

Unsure If Santa, Or Evil Child Sacrificing Cult Member

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (So Barricade Your Doors and Get the Gun)

Santa The Red Nosed Killer


Which was the creepiest Santa?

Source: Distractify


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